John Wick Pinball Makes Us Long For Arcades Again

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

There was once a time when pinball was the pinnacle of arcade games. While its popularity has fluctuated over the years, with a notable decline in the late 1980s and 1990s due to the rise of video games, it has seen a resurgence in interest, especially with the rise of retro gaming and a renewed appreciation for the craftsmanship and challenge of pinball machines. Now, there’s another reason to play pinball: a John Wick pinball machine is on the market.

John Wick Is An Unexpectedly Great Pinball Theme

Pinball is an arcade game where players use flippers to launch and control a metal ball on a playfield filled with various targets and obstacles, aiming to score points and avoid letting the ball fall into the drain. It’s a mechanical game, known mostly to those who hang out in arcades or retro-themed bars. Which is why John Wick is making all of us miss arcades again with the introduction of a newly designed pinball machine based on the ruthless assassin. 

Pinball Is Incredibly Popular Even Today

In 2024, the pinball industry is experiencing a renaissance, with more active companies than ever before. Despite the decline of traditional arcades, a passionate collector base has kept the hobby alive, dedicating entire rooms to their beloved machines. This resurgence is evident in various locations, from bars, speakeasies, and comic shops to unexpected spots like the back of a Korean BBQ restaurant, all of which are likely anxious to get their hands on this new John Wick pinball machine.

The Design Starts With A Pistol-Shaped Launcher

The John Wick pinball machine is a visual and mechanical delight perfect for fans of the franchise. It was designed by pop culture illustrator Randy Martinez, who previously worked on The Mandalorian pinball art. Balancing the game’s darker theme with bright, eye-catching elements suitable for dimly lit rooms, Martinez perfectly captures the neon noir vibe of the John Wick universe. 

Nailed The Neo-Noir Aesthetic

Meanwhile, first-time designer Elliot Eismin, a mechanical engineer with Stern, the company behind this new John Wick pinball machine, has crafted a playfield that combines smooth shooting with interactive mechanics. The combination of mechanics and art brings the intense, action-packed world of the legendary assassin to the mechanical game, offering pinball players a fresh and exciting experience.

Highlights From The Movie Made It To The Table

The design of the machine aims to bring the world of John Wick to pinball life using a combination of unique elements. First, there’s Wick’s Muscle Car, a bash toy that also swings out to block a lane, offering different angles to shoot at and trap balls for strategic gameplay.

Then there’s a Weapon Chest, which is located on the right side and has a dual-function target that flips up to reveal a scoop, providing varied shooting options.

Bringing Home A Machine Is Expensive And That’s Before The Maintenance

Finally, you’ll find the Blood Oath Marker. Stern digitally scanned an original movie prop coin to recreate this marker, which lights up with red fingerprints during gameplay, adding an authentically bloody touch to the John Wick pinball game.

But don’t run to your nearest arcade to play this John Wick-themed pinball machine, as they likely won’t have it—at least not yet. Pinball is a costly hobby, and John Wick is no exception. The Pro model sells for $6,999, the Premium for $9,699, and the Limited Edition for $12,999. 

John Wick Is Already Sold Out

Despite these prices, Stern has experienced significant growth, with demand often outpacing supply. The company recently expanded to a larger factory to keep up with this demand. So, with any luck and a bit of time, you may be able to play the John Wick machine at your local pinball venue sometime soon, as soon as they raise the money to buy it.