See The Grinch As A Psycho Killer In The Mean One

By James Brizuela | Published

the mean one

Some of the most classic characters and properties have begun to enter the public domain, leaving creators to turn classic children’s stories into something quite horrific. We have already been treated to a Winnie the Pooh horror movie based on the character entering the public domain, but a new loophole in those rules has resulted in another classic children’s character being turned into a murderer: The Grinch. The Grinch has been turned into a horror figure in The Mean One, which you can see a trailer for below:

For those who love B-movie horror, then The Mean One is going to fill you full of the most joy, as The Grinch seemingly lays waste to the residents of Whoville. What makes the trailer that much better is The Grinch also tiptoes around in the same animated manner he has before. There are elements of the classic animated movie in his mannerisms, as well as, bringing in some of the Jim Carrey movements.

One of the best moments of The Mean One trailer, apart from the aptly titled movie, is when the wise bar patron reveals what The Grinch truly is while reciting some of the song’s lyrics in the process. One thing that is noticeably missing from the trailer is The Grinch’s usual sidekick, Max. While people might get incredibly upset at a dog mauling people, and said dog having to be killed, this movie looks like the type to incorporate those things quite nicely.

The Mean One also stars an up-and-coming icon of horror in David Howard Thorton, who is currently making waves as Art the Clown in the Terrifier series. Thorton will be portraying The Grinch in the movie, and likely playing the role with the same level of terror as he has with Art the Clown. The Grinch horror parody movie is also being directed by Steven LaMorte.

Steven LaMorte has previously worked on Bury Me Twice, Balance of the Force, and Daughters of Legends. While LaMorte is now pivoting back to horror with The Mean One, his experience has been in a great many differing genres. We honestly can’t wait to see what he does with this classic story.

As previously mentioned, The Grinch is not yet in the public domain, however, the producers and the creators of The Mean One have cleverly found a way to make their Grinchy horror movie a real thing. This is by the movie never mentioning “The Grinch” though the murderer in the movie looks exactly like him. Also, the movie is heavily marketed as a horror “parody” meaning that it is not to be taken seriously as a representation of the character.

The Mean One will hit theaters, and everyone interested can go head to the website to be notified of when it will be released. While we would assume that the parody movie will not be reaching blockbuster status, there might be a huge draw for this new spin on the classic Dr. Seuss story. Also, the movie is being marketed as a 4K release, so we are likely going to see someone impaled with a candy cane in the highest resolution available.