Barack Obama Confirms The Existence Of UFOs

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

barack obama

When it comes to having the highest of high-level government clearances, Barack Obama is on the shortlist of those who probably know just about everything that’s ever been hidden away behind closed doors. So when this dude says that something isn’t a conspiracy, but is actually real, then we should definitely perk up and start listening. That’s the case with Obama who confirmed that the government knew about the existence of UFOs when he appeared on a talk show yesterday. 

Barack Obama appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden. They talked about a number of different topics but then bandleader Reggie Watts rang in with a question for the former President of the United States. The former asked about “dem aliens” and whether the latter knows anything about them. Obama gives some striking answers to the question. Here, check out the video of the question and the response

Barack Obama starts off by saying that there are just some things he can’t say about what he knows in a public forum. Whether this is just a little entertainment lip service to the topic isn’t totally clear, but it does stand to reason that he would have higher clearance knowledge on very secret topics. He says that when he first came into office one of the first things he asked his advisors was to find out if the government was keeping alien specimens somewhere. To this, he says he got a definitive “no”, which either means they don’t exist, or even the President can’t get eyes on these little buggers. 

But then Barack Obama does talk in a little more detail about UFOs and what the government does know about the objects. He takes the long way around to say it’s all still very much a mystery, but he does give a few more talking points. He says that there is “footage and records” of things in the skies that have been seen through a variety of different methods that the government is simply unsure about their origin. He goes on to confirm that these objects defy certain basic principles of physics when it comes to “man-made” objects, making them a great source of confusion for government agencies. 

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Barack Obama goes on to joke about UFOs and questions whether members of the show are actually aliens themselves. And really, he doesn’t give much new information about UFOs that hasn’t been creeping into the public consciousness of late. But the key here is that he doesn’t deny it either. These videos we’ve been seeing that are becoming part of the public record appear very “real” in this sense. There is footage taken from military craft (jets and the like) that have documented unexplained phenomena moving through the sky. Obama is confirming these videos are very much real even if he’s just as confused as the rest of us. 

Barack Obama isn’t the only one talking about UFOs these days. It’s a topic on the minds of many. In June there is supposed to be a clearinghouse and document dump by the government of material about strange and unexplained UFO encounters through the years. It was added as part of a Covid-19 relief package and will be made available to the public soon. With this, we might get caught up to speed on what Obama already knows.