UFOs Are Real And The Government Has Confirmed It, Watch The Video

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

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UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists everywhere might be getting some time in the sun sooner than later. With a report due out from Congress next month about the possibility of extraterrestrial encounters and actual, real, UFOs out there, more and more news is coming out about what the government and military actually know about these things. And with each passing day, it’s looking more and more like we’ve been visited by something from a different planet. The most recent news comes via 60 Minutes which interviewed a top-ranked government official who has detailed knowledge about this phenomenon. And he’s nearly convinced we’ve seen ET craft show up on Earth over the years. 

The 60 Minutes interview took place with Bill Whitaker and ex-military operative Luis Elizondo. The latter claims to have worked inside the Pentagon for years with a group called AATIP or the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. This group was apparently responsible for combing through data and “evidence” of possible UFO sightings throughout the years. In their investigations, Elizondo notes that many of the possible sightings can be explained away as having been caused by other factors (light refraction, weather balloons, etc) but not all. It’s these unexplained ones that are coming more to light now and point to the possibility that we’ve had some visitors hanging out in our skies. 

You can check out the full video of the 60 Minutes reporting on UFOs below. It might start turning even the biggest skeptic into a believer that these things are real

As part of the 60 Minutes reporting, they also interviewed a former Navy pilot Ryan Graves who says he was one of those who actually laid eyes on UFOs flying over restricted government airspace in Virginia. He details his ability to “see” the UFOs, or what they describe as UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) through advanced radar and ability to lock in on faster moving targets easier. Graves goes through some incidents that have been reported over the years saying pilots see these objects “all the time”. It’s just another in the mounting evidence that these ‘crackpot” sightings of UFOs over the years might be the real thing. 

All of this talk of UFOs comes as more information is set to be released next month that could shed even more light on what the government knows about these sightings and the phenomena in the skies. As part of a COVID-19 relief bill last year, there was language put into the package that mandated agencies turn over all information they had about UFO sightings and make the findings (such as they were) available to the public. The timeline set out for this release is in June meaning next month there’s some chance we have some real bombshells dropped about UFOs. 

There’s been no doubt that sightings of UFOs have picked up of late, possibly because the ideas around them are entering more of the public consciousness than ever before. Or maybe because the little buggers are actually coming in higher numbers now. It’s not totally clear what circumstances we are dealing with here. Whatever the case, there’s almost no denying that the government knows much more about this than they’ve let on over the years. These most recent videos confirm as much, and there’s a good chance we learn even more next month.