Millie Bobby Brown Celebrates 18th Birthday With Revealing Limo Shots

Millie Bobby Brown can now officially buy spray paint. That's right, the admired young actress just turned 18 on Saturday.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown can now officially buy spray paint. That’s right, the admired young actress just turned 18 on Saturday. And while much of the world may remember the Spanish-born actress as the reserved child that first won over the hearts of America as Eleven on Netflix’s hit sci-fi series, she revealed a completely grown-up look for her followers on Instagram as she commensurated the big day.

See the photos below:

The Emmy-nominated actress stunned fans with her recent post on Instagram celebrating her 18th revolution around the sun. Sharing pictures that she captioned solely with the number “18” the Enola Holmes actress was almost unrecognizable in the limo shots she shared. Commanding the spotlight in a strapless sequin gown from Sabina Bilenko Couture‘s Spring 2022 collection, Millie Bobby Brown underwent a full makeover to mark the big occasion. The glam Hollywood look was adorned with waist-length extensions that accentuated the keyhole cut-out bodice. 

The post quickly went viral, as most of the young actresses’ sharings often do. Plenty of fans and fellow celebs took to the comments section to praise Millie Bobby Brown for her makeover, including Netflix itself and the Internet’s favorite hype-girl, Paris Hilton. The glammed-up marking of her 18th birthday was a far cry from her usual ensemble shared to her social accounts. Typically, the Godzilla vet’s Insta squares are filled with the more casual side of the young actress, who loves Converse sneakers. The coming of age post surely hints at more mature vibes from the actress ahead.

As the monumental birthday was surely celebrated over the weekend, Millie Bobby Brown also shared photographs of her Barbie dress-up extravaganza with fellow celebrity boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi. The couple, who have been linked together since June of 2021, were pictured together in her Instagram feed dressed like Ken and Barbie. For the cosplay, Millie wore a white lace top featuring a sweetheart neckline, complete with a blonde wig for both her and her beau.

While Millie Bobby Brown surely celebrated the monumental birthday to its fullest, others took to the internet to celebrate the event in a grotesque manner that likely isn’t anything new to the celebrity. Fans of the Stranger Things alumni noticed a number of online forums counting down to Millie’s 18th birthday on Reddit, and they were quick to take to social media to call out the behavior. One person exposed an NSFW thread that had been created to countdown until Millie turned 18.

Over-sexualization is something no one, especially young actresses, in Hollywood isn’t already used to-no matter how wrong the predatory behavior is. For someone as confident appearing as Millie Bobby Brown, we hope the negativity does nothing to stop her from owning her beauty as she did over the weekend. Brown will return to the screen this May, as she and the rest of the rag-tag crew return to Hawkins for the fourth season premiere of Stranger Things on May 27th. After that, the 18-year-old will reprise her role as Enola Holmes, when she reprises her role for the eponymous Netflix franchise later this year.