Megan Fox Vamps It Up In Diablo IV Commercial

Megan Fox wears black lingerie in a new TV spot for Diablo IV.

By Zack Zagranis | Published

Megan Fox wants to see you die. Not literally, of course, but in the game world of Diablo IV, and she’s willing to stand in a candlelit graveyard wearing nothing but some sheer black lingerie to prove it. Fox’s sexy call for corpses is part of an ad for Diablo IV, the star posted to her Instagram yesterday with the hashtag #DiabloDeaths.

The sexy commercial features Megan Fox talking to an audience of potential Diablo IV players and going on about her love of spilled blood. The steamy actress calls for players to post their gnarliest deaths to Twitter and TikTok with the above hashtag for a chance to be eulogized by Fox herself. Megan promises to tell the world that players “went out like a hero,” or “a chump,” depending on the circumstances of their demise.

The combination of Megan Fox’s new ginger hair and see-through black neglige set against the dim light of hundreds of candles gives major creature-of-the-night vibes. Her character looks like a natural evolution of the succubus Fox played in 2009’s criminally underrated Jennifer’s Body. You can easily imagine her with fangs and a thirst for flesh—arguably what the creators of the ad campaign were going for.

megan fox
Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Diablo IV is the latest entry in Blizzard Entertainment’s long-running action role-playing franchise. The game, sometimes described as a “hack and slash,” revolves around killing various enemies and looting their dead bodies for better weapons and equipment in order to go and slay stronger enemies and get even better stuff. It’s a vicious cycle—emphasis on the vicious—that’s been entertaining audiences ever since the first Diablo in 1997.

The game’s dungeons are procedurally generated, meaning characters never die the same way twice. This should provide more than enough bloody carnage for Megan Fox to sift through on her quest to find the most epic—and epic fail—player deaths. If Megan herself is even the one doing the sifting, that is.

It’s entirely possible that someone from Blizzard will be sorting through all of the morbid content before presenting the Transformers star with the best and worst of the bunch to eulogize. Dying in any RPG-like game sucks, especially if you lose a bunch of progress. A personal message from one of the hottest actresses currently working, however, just might be the one thing that can ease the sting of losing a cool new battle axe because you didn’t save when you should have.

The new commercial is only the third post on Megan Fox’s Instagram since the star’s brief split from rocker MGK earlier this year caused her to erase her whole timeline. The other two posts are equally breathtaking and feature the 37-year-old in various skimpy outfits, usually black and see-through or else very tiny. Sometimes both.

If the ad is successful, it could lead to other video game advertising opportunities for the star. Imagine Nintendo advertising the new Super Mario Bros. game with Megan Fox in a pair of blue cutoff overalls, wearing a red hat and nothing else. That’ll get players to stop complaining about the Switch’s aging hardware!