Ken Jennings Finally Speaks On Mayim Bialik Jeopardy Exit

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Although fans have certainly been voicing their opinions about Mayim Bialik’s firing from her Jeopardy! hosting duties, there’s been one person who – until now – has remained oddly quiet. But now, co-host Ken Jennings is finally opening up about Mayim Bialik’s big announcement, sharing a heartfelt goodbye during a recent interview. Referring to her choice as something that caught him “off guard,” Jennings had nothing but kind words to say about his co-host as she now moves on to the next chapter in her life.

Ken Jennings Heaps Praise On Mayim Bialik

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Ken Jennings said that he “loved working” with Mayim Bialik and that he was “gonna miss her” with her departure now putting all of the hosting duties on the beloved alumni’s shoulders. If you were hoping for any more tea on how the studio came to reach its decision, Jennings unfortunately doesn’t have it as he added, “I can’t speak to her decision-making process or her opinions about it.”

Ken Jennings Looks Forward To His Future As Jeopardy Host

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Regardless of the reasons or emotions behind his co-host’s exit, Ken Jennings says that he’s looking forward to continuing his tenure as the show’s primary quizzer. He added that he was “always delighted” to be a part of the show and has felt “extremely lucky” to have been given the opportunity to step into the shoes of Alex Trebek despite not having any background in the industry.

Unlike Mayim Bialik, who is largely famous for her roles in shows including Blossom and The Big Bang Theory, Ken Jennings made a name for himself as an ex-competitor on Jeopardy!, a fan-favorite appearance that would make him a shoo-in when the trivia series was looking for a new host.

He Expects To Host The Game Show For A Very Long Time

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For those who have been worried that Ken Jennings is also stepping away from the podium following Mayim Bialik’s firing, the host was quick to snuff out any concerns. Referring to his job as “such an honor,” Jennings said that he hopes to be part of the game show for many years to come. “I look forward to 37 more years of doing it,” Jennings said, “when I’ll be a very, very old man.”

Shared Hosting Duties And Backlash

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When longtime host and legend Alex Trebek passed away in 2020, the Jeopardy! family was in shambles, with copious amounts of uncertainty surrounding who would be the next leader of the show. Though a multitude of personalities tested their skills, quizzing the daily contenders on all things trivia, it was Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik who stood out the most, leading the production team to sign them on as co-hosts.

While most fans have been happy with the work put forward by Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik, there have also been plenty of naysayers, calling for one or the other to be ousted from their gig. From blunders to reused answers and even claims of condescending tones, fans didn’t hesitate to hurl their disdain for one host or the other, layering on pressure and tension for each presenter.

Then, when the writers’ strike kicked off at the beginning of the summer, Bialik decided to stand strong with the union, showing her support by stepping down from Jeopardy! for the time being.

Ken Jennings Is Now The Sole Host

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With the strike still raging into September, Jeopardy! announced that Ken Jennings would be taking over Mayim Bialik’s hosting duties while she was on the picket lines. Despite the writers’ and actors’ strikes coming to an end, Bialik hadn’t returned to the podium, raising questions from audiences. Now, we know that Bialik won’t be returning to the show for good, with Jennings continuing to show up to work day in and day out as the sole host of Jeopardy!Source: The Hollywood Reporter