Kanye West Is Going After Disney

By Sean Thiessen | Published

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Once at the top of the hip-hop world, rapper Kanye West, who now wears the moniker of Ye, has experienced a dramatic fall from grace. The star has made controversial and outlandish statements for years (including intentions to run for president of the United States), but his recent antisemitic comments and posts on social media have been met with bans from social media and the loss of a lucrative deal with Adidas. In a recent interview, summarized by Bounding Into Comics, Kanye West put his critical target on Disney when he accused the company of fueling the flames of sexual confusion in America’s youth.

He began his argument by lamenting the pervasiveness of sexuality in American culture and the accessibility of pornographic material, citing his own addiction to pornography at a young age as evidence of the harm he believes this material can have. Kanye West then accused TikTok and Disney of, “[S]piking the punch,” by making children question their own sexuality before they reach sexual maturity. This is, in West’s view, an intentional effort at confusing the youth.

Kanye West is likely referencing the recent narrative in which Disney became entangled in a moral and political debate around gender identity. Disney World, one of the company’s many lucrative assets, resides in Florida, where the Parental Rights in Education bill, referred to by many as the Don’t Say Gay bill, has caused nationwide controversy. The bill prohibits classroom teaching on sexual orientation and gender identity before the third grade, or before it is otherwise appropriate based on Florida state standards.

While Disney originally backed away from the conversation surrounding the bill, many believed the company’s large presence in Florida obligated it to take a stronger stance. Pivoting from the initial intention to let the studio’s content speak for itself, the response from Disney has since included adamant opposition of the bill, financial support to advocacy groups fighting similar bills in other states, and more inclusive language at Disney parks. To Kanye West, the response from Disney makes the company compliant with an attack on the country’s youngest members.

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Kanye West on the set of a music video

Regardless of the validity of his opinions, West has openly wrestled with mental health struggles for years. While these struggles did, for some, exonerate the star from certain behaviors in the past, West’s recent threats to the Jewish community and admiration of Adolf Hitler have crossed a line many are not willing to forgive.

Now banned from major social media outlets, and with his music and fashion careers in jeopardy, the future for West is uncertain. He may continue attempts to rejoin social media in other forms, or proceed on his current path, including controversial appearances on podcasts and news programs. 

Kanye West is a mentally ill celebrity artist in need, his opinions on politics and the state of the world, are best taken with a grain of salt, or not at all. However, his extreme wealth and fame make his musings very loud, and that makes discernment in the face of his rants all the more important. Wherever he goes next, one thing is certain: you won’t find Kanye West at Disney World.