John Krasinski And Emily Blunt Accused Of Having A Pretend Marriage

Amy Schumer called out John Krasinski and Emily Blunt for having a pretend marriage leading the actor to issue a public response

By Doug Norrie | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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It can sometimes be tough to know what kind of relationships or marriages celebrities have with each other. When so much of their life is in the public eye, there can be a certain veneer that comes over things, making it appear as if everything is great even when it’s not. That’s why it’s best not to trust what you see on the red carpet for an *intimate* look at what is going on in a couple’s personal life. And over the weekend, Amy Schumer called out John Krasinski and Emily Blunt for this very thing, saying they essentially had a fake marriage for the camera’s sake. Krasinski took it upon himself to respond. 

Amy Schumer was on Instagram talking about how she’d seen A Quiet Place 2 over the weekend and how much she loved it. The post has since been deleted, but in it she said:

“I loved every second of @aquietplacemovie even better than the first one which blew me away, Amazing to be in a movie theater. Although I’ve said for a long time I think Emily and John have a pretend marriage for publicity. But I still think you should see it this rainy weekend.”

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It didn’t take long for people to respond and think that Schumer was taking a very public dig at John Krasinski and Emily Blunt for having a propped-up marriage that was only there to serve the two of them in their Hollywood pursuits. But then you have to consider the source, remember that Schumer is, you know, a comedian and that this was almost definitely just a joke. While the post was taken down, it’s almost definitely because it wasn’t interpreted correctly. 

To his credit, it looks like John Krasinski understood that it was just a bit of fun on the part of Schumer and not a public dig at his marriage to Emily Blunt. He wrote back, “Thank you Amy!…for blowing up our whole marriage spot.” Again, while it was taken down, it does seem like there isn’t any bad blood here and all parties understood what was happening.

After all, Schumer was actually promoting the movie and using something that seems demonstrably false as part of the punch line. From a Hollywood perspective, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt seem about as stable as it gets. Again, we don’t see behind the curtain, but that they continue to work together on projects points to at least some stability.

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A Quiet Place 2 opened over Memorial Day Weekend and was the follow-up to the wildly successful, incredibly creative, and intensely scary original movie. John Krasinski is back for this one though only in a flashback. Most of his duties here are once again in the director’s chair where he sat for the first film. Though his character didn’t survive the first movie, Emily Blunt did and she’s back picking up the story in the time after the first one concluded. 

In the first movie, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt led a tour de force of acting and silence about a world taken over by bloodthirsty aliens with incredible hearing. It led to, well, a silent film that was a massive hit no matter which way you slice it. It earned over $340 million at the box office on just a $20 million budget and a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 

The sequel was inevitable and of course John Krasinksi and Emily Blunt both returned for the follow-up film in their respective roles. The returns have been more than positive so far with a 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes and it also smashed the box office. With a number that signals movie theaters are getting back on track following the pandemic, it earned more than $57 million in its opening weekend and is up to about $80 million worldwide. 

No, I don’t think John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have a pretend marriage and have been at it for more than a decade now. It seems like Amy Schumer and company got that, but not everyone else did.