Jenna Ortega Looks Amazing In See-Through Sexy White Nightgown

Jenna Ortega looks amazing in an all-white outfit.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

jenna ortega

Ever wonder what the opposite of a jump scare is? It’s no surprise that Wednesday star Jenna Ortega managed to discover the answer. In a recent Instagram post, the sultry star posted two creepy images of a demonic-looking statue, and just when you get sufficiently spooked out, you get to the third and final image…where Ortega posts a selfie of herself posing in a sexy white nightgown.

Aside from the sexy surprise, it looks like Jenna Ortega was going for a bit of irony here. She captioned the post “Angel face and me,” presumably to draw our eyes to the distinction between the demonic form (this appears to be Beelzebub, the literal lord of the flies) and her own much sweeter image. Of course, the caption makes it seem like the scary demon is the true angel, and it is Ortega that is the devil everyone should watch out for.

Should Jenna Ortega actually turn out to be a demon, we can only imagine that she would be tempted to turn her wrath on many of the commenters on her posts. Ironic labels aside, the young star clearly posted an image of herself in a sexy nightgown because she was feeling good about her appearance and wanted to share that moment with the world. And while many of the subsequent comments were positive, she had more than a few trolls that commented on things like the size of her breasts, resulting in no shortage of deleted comments.

Fortunately for both Ortega and her fans, no amount of neckbeard online hate can detract from the fact that this actor is seemingly at the top of her game right now. She has a legion of new fans thanks to her instantly-iconic performance as Wednesday Addams, and we’ll be seeing her Scream character return when that franchise releases its next movie in March. On top of that, she’ll be starring in a thriller called Finestkind that we’re pretty hyped about seeing.

It’s possible that being so busy with so many different roles has kept Jenna Ortega from posting on Instagram as much as other celebrities do. However, some fans in the comments have drawn a direct connection between the weird hate she gets over innocuous pictures and how little she actually shares online. And we honestly couldn’t blame her for keeping a lower social media profile if she gets hit with radioactive levels of misogyny whenever she so much as shares a picture of herself.

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Regardless of how often Jenna Ortega posts online, we’re looking forward to seeing more of her in both her upcoming movies and the second season of Wednesday once it comes out. In the meantime, horror fans are busy speculating about what this generation’s newest scream queen has in store for us. Between supercharging existing franchises and appearing in new ones like Ti West’s X, it’s altogether spooky how much talent Ortega is willing to share with the world.