Jason Momoa Reportedly Surprises Fans By Showing Support For Johnny Depp

Well, who saw that coming?

By Douglas Helm | Published

jason momoa

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are in the midst of a heated defamation suit. As part of the legal battle, various celebrities like James Franco and Elon Musk are reportedly set to give testimonies. Heard’s Aquaman co-star Jason Momoa is involved to a degree as well, as texts between the two will reportedly be submitted as evidence. Surprisingly, fans have noticed that Jason Momoa has followed Depp on Instagram during the trial, which some are claiming is a sign of his support for the actor. Here is a Tweet that shows Depp amongst the accounts that Momoa follows:

While following Depp on Instagram doesn’t prove Jason Momoa’s support without a doubt, it is an interesting development. As of now, Momoa still follows Heard too. Other social media users who support Depp in his court battle have also taken to Twitter to point out some developments they’ve claimed to observe. For instance, this timeline that one social media user Tweeted regarding Heard’s social media activity:

This user is assuming that Heard may even be fired from the Aquaman franchise as a result of the trial. A few other accounts are definitely under the impression that Jason Momoa is throwing his full support behind Depp. Check out those Tweets below:

Jason Momoa is the star of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. He’s also starring alongside Amber Heard, who plays Mera. If Momoa is deciding to side with Depp over his co-star in this case, that would be a significant supportive presence for Depp and a significant condemnation for Heard. Of course, Momoa hasn’t spoken about his loyalties, so all of this is just social media speculation at this point.

The current court battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is in regards to an article that Heard wrote for The Washington Post. In the article, Heard claims that she is a victim of domestic abuse without naming anyone in the article. Depp alleges that the article was directed toward him. Depp’s lawsuit alleges that the article has led to a significant impact on his career in Hollywood. Depp did lose two of his biggest roles in recent years, with the Fantastic Beasts franchise moving on without him and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise seemingly going on indefinite hiatus. Depp is seeking $50 million in damages for the lawsuit. Though there were reports of chemistry issues between Jason Mamoa and Heard, she did not lose her starring role in the Aquaman sequel.

It remains to be seen if the trial will end in Depp’s favor or Heard’s. Depp previously filed a libel case against The Sun after they referred to him as a wife-beater in an article. Depp lost the case after a London judge ruled there was evidence of him assaulting Heard. Depp has also presented evidence in the most recent case that Heard was abusive in the relationship, showing pictures of a cut finger and playing recordings where she admits to hitting him, as reported by this Buzzfeed News article. We’ll have to wait and see what the ruling is and if Jason Momoa comes out to support either party officially.