Jamie Foxx Reveals Horrifying Experience During Sickness

By Britta DeVore | Published

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The last year has been a challenging and secretive one for actor Jamie Foxx after the Academy Award-winning star was rushed to the hospital last spring while filming his latest project. As Deadline reports, Foxx made his first public appearance since April on Monday night when he was in attendance at the Critics Choice Association’s Celebration of Cinema & Television Honoring Black, Latino & AAPI Achievements.

There to accept the Vanguard Award, Foxx used his time on stage to open up about what he had been through over the last several months, awing the crowd with his harrowing story.

Unable To Walk

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Speaking to his friends and peers in the entertainment industry, Jamie Foxx revealed that only six months ago, he was unable to walk. He gave a heartfelt thank you to everyone in the audience who had supported him during what’s been the darkest time in his life, adding that he’s “been through some things.”

Not willing to let this or any other moment in his life go by unnoticed, Jamie Foxx added that he was grateful for “every single moment” and that he was beyond lucky to have made it back relatively unscathed. Adding a bit of heaviness to his comments, Foxx said that he “didn’t see the light,” although he did see “the tunnel,” painting a scary picture of what the actor went through during his most trying days in the hospital.

His appearance at the event was only the second time the actor spoke about his illness, with the first being an Instagram post shared over the summer.

Not Sure He Would Make It

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That social media update arrived in July, with Jamie Foxx explaining to his dedicated followers that while he understood their desire for updates, “I just didn’t want you to see me like that.” The actor went on to describe how he had been spending his days tied to a hospital bed with “tubes running out of me” and an overall uneasiness surrounding whether he would pull through or not. 

Jamie Foxx Receives Vanguard Award

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As for his award acceptance at the Critics Choice Association’s Monday night event, Jamie Foxx’s name was kept off the list, making his in-person acceptance of the Vanguard award all the more surprising. He didn’t hit the red carpet alongside his fellow performers prior to the show, with Deadline reporting that he was likely saving up his strength and energy in a hotel room before meeting his The Burial co-star Jurnee Smollett on stage for the award.

The Medical Emergency

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For those who may need a refresher or were in the dark about Jamie Foxx’s battle with health, the star was filming Back in Action in Atlanta when his daughter, Corinne, announced that her father had been rushed to the hospital. Keeping the details of his ailments under wraps, which he’s continuing to do, Foxx was kept under the constant eye of medical professionals for months. He would eventually make his way to a rehab facility in Chicago, where he began to get back on his feet, marking the initial step of his long journey to his first public appearance last night.

Up Next For Jamie Foxx

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As for what awaits him once he’s back up to full speed, Jamie Foxx has a handful of other projects on the way, including Not Another Church Movie, Geechee, Tin Soldier, Back in Action, and Groove Trails. The actor was also recently accused of a count of sexual assault which allegedly took place in 2015, something that he will eventually need to speak more about when he’s back to full strength.