Jamie Foxx No Longer Famous Enough To Get Into Cool Parties

Jamie Foxx was denied entrance to Cardi Bi's birthday party, leaving his celebrity status in question.

By James Brizuela | Published

Celebrities often attend massive events for one another, whether that involves album releases, movie premieres, and lavish birthday parties. Well, Cardi B recently held her birthday party at a location in West Hollywood, when the front door security denied Jamie Foxx from entering the celebration. TMZ obtained video of Foxx arriving, then subsequently being told he was not able to come in, leaving him to exit the party in an obviously annoyed manner.

Jamie Foxx was noticeably upset but was also cordial when the front door worker attempted to rectify the mistake and allow him entry into the party. Foxx responded with, “No, we are not good. I love you, but it was too much.”

Although there had been a clear misunderstanding about not letting Jamie Foxx into the party, some might say that his level of fame played a part in his being denied entry to the star-studded celebration. TMZ also learned that the mixup happened with Foxx being late for the party, which in turn did not guarantee him a spot, as he was with 10 of his entourage. Despite that, being turned away from a party might not look good in solidifying his celebrity status.

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Though Jamie Foxx was embarrassingly denied access to the Cardi B party, everyone involved seems to have apologized for the incident taking place, and there are no “hard feelings.” But again, that is not something that can be easily forgotten in terms of celebrity status. It could be that Foxx’s level of fame has dwindled in recent years, leaving him to not immediately be ushered into the party.

Also, anyone showing up late to a party with 10 people is certainly going to cause some logistical issues. It could just be that the location was waiting for Jamie Foxx to show up, and when he had not, they decided to give his table to another party. We would imagine there were a ton of people that were wanting to get into Cardi B’s birthday party, as she is one of the most famous hip-hop stars on the planet right now.

Through everything, Jamie Foxx did handle the situation with more grace than most people would have, especially if they were turned away while the cameras were rolling. Foxx simply walked back to his car and left without making a scene and has evidently stated that he understands the situation completely. However, we wonder when Foxx has his own party if Cardi B is going to be on the list to get in.

Jamie Foxx recently started in Night Shift alongside Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg, in a vampire action movie on Netflix that was quite enjoyable. While his celebrity status could be called into question from being denied entry into Cardi B’s party, we would imagine that Foxx is still just as popular as he has always been. He also has a staggering 11 projects in the works right now, with one being the highly anticipated portrayal of Mike Tyson in a biopic series.

We would surmise that Jamie Foxx is still plenty popular but was denied entrance into this party because of some error with the staff working the event. Still, some might deem the man’s status as faltering simply because he was not accommodated in the way that she should have been