Hugh Jackman Reveals Serious Medical Diagnosis In Latest Video

By James Brizuela | 4 weeks ago

hugh Jackman

Beloved Wolverine actor, Hugh Jackman, took to his Instagram to reveal that he has tested positive for COVID-19. Although the symptoms vary from person to person with this virus, Jackman has stated that he is dealing with mild symptoms like a scratchy throat and runny nose. That is not bad considering that many have ended up in the hospital and have also tragically died. Thankfully Jackman claims that he is doing well and will “return’ to the stage as soon as he is given the “OK” to do so.

You can see Hugh Jackman announce his positive test in the Instagram video below.

Hugh Jackman was bold in revealing that he has COVID-19 through his own social media page. This is likely so that he can report the information to his fans the way he sees best, as opposed to allowing others to report it for him. Many celebrities have been accused of being unsafe on sets for current productions, and he may be attempting to avoid that kind of allegation. Hugh Jackman currently has 30.2 million follows on his Instagram and has already amassed 220,000 likes with 2,320 comments of well-wishers telling the actor to “get well soon.”

There is a strong message of hope from Hugh Jackman’s Instagram video as he tells fans that he is going to be just fine and will simply need to quarantine for the duration of his having contracted COVID-19. He urges people to “stay safe, be healthy, and be kind.” Those are some strong words that hold a great deal of water in these uncertain times where COVID-19 cases are spiking around the world, as more and more variants seem to keep popping up. He also claims he will return to the stage and “River City” as soon as possible, which is a reference to the world of the play for which Jackman has been gearing up in the past few months. His Instagram is full of behind-the-scenes photos and previews of the Broadway play.

Currently, Hugh Jackman is heavily involved in previews for the production of The Music Man on Broadway, where he plays the main role of Professor Harold Hill. The production hasn’t quite yet been shut down, so it is likely that the rest of the cast hasn’t tested positive, outside of Hugh Jackman and leading-lady Sutton Foster. Jackman had already recently gone viral for his speech referring to the “swing” role for actors on Broadway, who step into roles should the original actors be called away or can’t make it on stage. That thing happened when Foster was the first to test positive for COVID-19. “Swing” actor Kathy Voytko took the place of Foster just mere hours before the preview was to happen.

Currently, COVID-19 is causing many Broadway productions to shut down. Once Hugh Jackman has recovered, it’s unclear if his show will go on, though currently there are no reports of his show reacting. In Hugh Jackman’s own words of encouragement: Stay safe and stay healthy.