See Heather Graham Spilling Out Of A Skin-Tight Strapless Dress

A twitter fan account posted some sexy images of Heather Graham, including one of the star in a strapless dress.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

heather graham

Heather Graham is stunning in a recent tweet that shows the actress wearing a little gold dress and nothing else. The 52-year-old Graham looks positively poured into the skin-tight garment that can barely contain her ample curves. The Boogie Nights star poses playfully, sitting on a dilapidated staircase filled with old candelabras, one eye covered by her lush blonde hair.

The wide-eyed Graham has been turning heads since she first starred in the 1988 teen romp License To Drive with the late Corey Haim of The Lost Boys fame. Since that first role, Heather has been lighting up both the big and small screens with her infectious smile and bubbly demeanor. From Twin Peaks to Austin Powers and The Hangover, Heather Graham has spent over 30 years captivating audiences with her radiant looks and stellar acting chops.

Graham is far from just a pretty face. The actress is also involved with several charities, including Children’s International and the Cambodian Children’s Fund, both of which work to improve the lives of impoverished children. The From Hell star is also a big advocate for fighting climate change.

heather graham
Heather Graham and Johnny Depp in From Hell (2001)

Heather Graham’s next project is the western Place of Bones. Graham will star opposite Umbrella Academy actor Tom Hopper. The movie is set in 1876 and involves an outlaw, played by Hopper, stumbling across a ranch owned by Pandora (Heather Graham) and her young daughter on his way to recover some money stolen from him by a backstabbing former accomplice.

When the former accomplice tracks the outlaw down with his new gang, Pandora goes into full mama bear mode, and Graham gets to show off a badass side of her acting that she doesn’t regularly get to showcase. While it’s a safe bet that the prudish fashion standards of the 1800s will leave much less of Heather exposed than in the above picture, it’s impossible for her to look anything but gorgeous, no matter how covered up she is.

At 52, Heather Graham still has a body that would make women half her age jealous. Graham credits her age-defying good looks to an obsession with yoga. As the actress told Women’s Health UK, she does yoga “three times a week,” along with 20 minutes of transcendental meditation every day. That’s in addition to pilates and bike riding as well as maintaining a healthy diet.

The actress avoids sugar and white flour whenever she can. Along with a healthy diet, Graham also makes sure to get enough sleep every night. Heather claims to get a whopping 9-12 hours of sleep every single night. It may sound excessive to the average person, but no one can argue with the results!

Between the exercise, the healthy eating habits, and the Rip Van Winkle levels of slumber she indulges in, Heather Graham is killing it physically, mentally, and as an actress. Graham might just be the reason the phrase “Age ain’t nothing but a number” was coined in the first place, although it’s still possible she found some magic fountain of youth the rest of us don’t know about. One thing’s for sure, Heather Graham looks great for any age and will likely continue to look great for many years to come!