See Heather Graham As A Sexy Cleopatra

Heather Graham looks fantastic as Cleopatra, alongside her boyfriend dressed as Marc Antony, as they attend Heidi Klum's Halloween Party.

By Mark McKee | Published

Heather Graham

Halloween may have been nine weeks ago, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop staring; the beauty of social media is that some of the best Halloween looks are still up and immortalized as long as the stars keep them posted. One of the best costumes that still deserves your attention two months later is by the always elegant Heather Graham in her stellar look as the immortalized Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, for Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party. The stunning actress turned heads in her costume along with boyfriend John de Neufville as Marc Antony.

The post shows Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me arm in arm with her snowboarding boyfriend, donning a long golden gown, bicep bands, forearm sleeves, and a crown, channeling the famous queen. Her beau is dressed as Marc Antony, one of Cleopatra’s lovers, with leather armor, sandals, a helmet, and a sword, which we’re sure needed to be carefully inspected by security. The post shares a quote by Cleopatra, declaring that Heather Graham has immortal longings in her. 

The carousel also features a solo image of her next, giving a closer look at her costume, and putting her makeup, complete with blue eye shadow. There is also another image of the two of them together and a video of them showing off their looks to the camera. There is also an image smack in the middle that features a third person crashing the Roman party in her best anime look. 

The third person in the post, posing next to Heather Graham and John de Neufville, is none other than the feminist author Liz Plank, who wrote the book For the Love of Men: From Toxic to a More Mindful Masculinity. She is also well known for her time as a journalist on Vox, where she covered the 2016 election and used her platform to discuss gender equality, race, and disability rights. Plank is dressed as Sailor Jupiter, the princess of Jupiter from the Sailor Moon anime series. 

heather graham
Heather Graham in Boogie Nights

The comment section of Heather Graham’s post features Kate Walsh of Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy fame gifting the Boogie Nights actress fire emojis. Liz Plank also chimes in to let everyone know that her experience with Graham gave her the best Halloween of her life, which isn’t surprising being next to a queen. And another commenter jumped on to ask if this was the face that launched a thousand ships, which is actually a reference to Helen of Troy instead of Cleopatra, but the sentiment is sound. 

Halloween may be two months behind us, or ten months in front of us, depending on if you look backward or forwards regarding the special day, but Heidi Klum’s party always gives fans months of content to peruse and fawn over before they stop to anticipate the next one. Heather Graham has been making people fall in love with her for decades as Felicity Shagwell in Austin Powers, so Cleopatra seems like the perfect fit for her. Of course, if we know anything about her, she will do something next year to completely outshine this one.