George Lucas Actually Believed Half Of California Would Fall Into The Ocean, Lex Luthor Style

George Lucas and Lex Luthor share a common bond.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Seth Rogen is writing a book, a rather unique one if you ask. But celebrities are dropping their memoirs in every direction you look, so what’s different about Rogen penning one more? Well, the difference is that it ain’t a memoir- consider it as more of a book of supremely hilarious anecdotes from the actor’s life. It includes everything from first-person stories from Rogen’s life to his rib-tickling interactions with other celebrities. In fact, he is sure that one of his stories about George Lucas is sure to offend the renowned director. What’s the story about? Well, it’s just Lucas believing that the world was about to come to an end. 

Actually, Seth Rogen has been busy utilizing his time during the pandemic to devote time to countless of his projects, which also includes a book, named Yearbook. Recently, during a chat with GQ, Rogen spilled the beans about what kind of stories we can expect from his book and whether there are anecdotes about celebrities that they will not like being made public, his first answer was George Lucas. 

In 2012, he and his childhood friend, Evan Goldberg, were supposed to meet and chat with Steven Spielberg. Incidentally, George Lucas also joined the meet-up and made a rather glum announcement: that he sincerely believes that the world is about to end or at least half of California, i.e., everything west of San Andreas Fault would be sinking into the ocean. Apparently, Lucas’ strong beliefs rested on “science” he was aware of and he was pretty adamant that his predicted disaster will indeed come to pass. 

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“Well, he’s since said that it didn’t happen, so my assumption is he will not be happy! And he’s said he was joking, but he was not joking,” Rogen added. 

George Lucas’ prediction of the supposed disaster strangely matches what the supervillain Lex Luthor’s plans were in Superman: The Movie. In the film, he and his goons broke into a museum and reprogrammed two nuclear missiles. He then tricked Superman into coming to his underground lair where he trapped him using a chunk of Kryptonite, tying it around his neck via a chain and then launched the missiles. His plans were two-fold- the first missile was supposed to detonate at San Andreas Fault and cause a massive earthquake that would have drowned California into the sea. His next missile was headed for Hackensack, New Jersey.

But as we know, Superman successfully managed to stop the missile headed for New Jersey and diverted the impact of the earthquake in San Andreas Fault, thus saving California. Looks like neither George Lucas’ predictions nor Lex Luthor’s evil plans ever came to fruition. 

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Obviously, Seth Rogen’s hysterical anecdotes don’t just end with Lucas. His book will be filled with stories like Nicolas Cage’s constant, trippy ideas about playing the Russian crime boss in The Green Hornet, Snopp Dogg’s rather weird ritual before he wrote a song for This Is The End, or his stories about Michael Lynton, the head of Sony at the time of the whole The Interview debacle and what actually happened behind the scenes. Yearbook is all set to be released on May 11th.