See Gal Gadot In A Red Fishnet Dress

Gal Gadot put on a fishnet dress with nothing else in an amazing fashion shoot.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

gal gadot

Like her famous character Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot has changed her look up on more than one occasion. Recently, audiences got a chance to see her in all her star-spangled glory once again in The Flash. But trust us when we say you’ve never seen Gadot as hot–or as haute–as she looks in this recent photo shoot for S Moda.

Gal Gadot appears on the cover of the magazine in a wonderfully provocative fashion. At first, you might assume that the all-red leather suit is just the kind of power suit you wear when your resume is filled with superhero movies. But the golden shirt underneath is unbuttoned and open to the extreme, making us “wonder” if this hero is wearing an invisible bra or left it back in the invisible jet.

The next image is somehow even more intimate: Gal Gadot is sitting on the ground with her head in hand, giving her best quizzical look to the camera. Where it gets intimate is that Gadot’s bottom half is clad only in panties, with her top half covered more modestly with a t-shirt and suit coat. She looks for all the world like a girlfriend who stayed the night and decided to wear her boyfriend’s clothing in the morning when she was cold.

While Gal Gadot only had the coat on in the last image, the third picture shows her decked out in a full suit. The black-and-white photography makes everything look very classy, and her outfit makes Gadot look like she’d fit right in with the crew of Mad Men. Either that, or she’s about to drop an old-school punk record on us and already has her cover photo picked out.

All of these images of Gal Gadot have been sizzling, but it’s the fourth image that may actually set your phone on fire. The actor is wearing a red fishnet dress and nothing else besides her underwear. Honestly, this looks like the kind of introduction a mysterious femme fatale would get in a classic James Bond film, and we’re completely here for it.

That fourth image may have been the most scorching of the group, but don’t sleep on Gal Gadot’s other pics. The fifth image of the star in large sunglasses and a larger coat channels her inner rap mogul, while the sixth image is a stunning close-up of Gadot’s face. The seventh image features Gadot in a tan dress standing on top of a box (maybe she was having trouble seeing the approaching orc army?), and the final image shows her posing in futuristic leather in another breathtaking black-and-white shot.

Ultimately, what we liked best about this photoshoot is that both the photographers and Gal Gadot herself were up for adventurously trying different styles and fashions for each image. It goes without saying that Gadot has always been beautiful, but it’s lovely to see that immense beauty expressed in different ways. And it’s equally lovely to know that in the real world, none of you had to worry about being trapped by the lasso of truth when you first saw that smoking hot fishnet dress.