See Erin Moriarty In A Low-Cut Polka Dot Dress

Erin Moriarty has taken to Instagram to show off a new low-cut polka dot dress, that looks fantastic on her.

By James Brizuela | Published

erin moriarty

Erin Moriarty has exploded into one of the most beloved actresses in the world. Her time on The Boys as Starlight has been met with some great praise. Even in the third season, it feels like she carries a lot of the scenes with her superb acting ability. She has paired well with the psychotic Homelander. Moriarty took to Instagram to show off an outfit that could be for an award show, or for a photo shoot, as the images seem to indicate. Regardless, she looks stunning in a sheer dress that shows she is now wearing any pants. You can see the images below:

Erin Moriarty

Erin Moriarty looks fantastic in her black sheer and see-through black outfit. She seems to be standing in what looks to be a warehouse of sorts. We are not professional photographers, but we could see some massive sparks, and her eyes lit up in Starlight fashion. She is likely not taking promotional pictures for The Boys, but that would still look great. Over 100,000 people seem to agree that she looks fantastic, and the above comments reiterate that point. There is plenty of fire and heart-eye emojis plastered within the comment section of her post.

The Boys Season 3 has just wrapped up, but we do know that Erin Moriarty will be back for the fourth season, which has already been greenlit for Amazon Studios. While we wait for the show to return, Moriarty is set to take on the role in a horror thriller called True Haunting. She plays one of the members of the Becker family, who were part of the first televised exorcism on NBC in 1971. Naturally, things go from bad to worse once the live broadcast exorcism takes place. The film is set for a 2023 release. From there, she will portray a character named Geena in a film called Catching Dust. The film revolves around a couple in a trailer park whose lives are turned upside down when another couple arrives at that same park.

Erin Moriarty has quite a busy schedule ahead of her, and it seems that she is going to be taking on the thriller genre with full force. Shooting for The Boys Season 4 is likely to start sometime soon, as it has already been announced last month that the series is going to continue. However, both the previously mentioned films are in the post-production stages, which is good for Moriarty to clear up her schedule for her return to everyone’s favorite and twisted superhero show.

Erin Moriarty has looked amazing in the Starlight outfits that she has displayed in The Boys, and she looks amazing in the above photoshoot. She stays quite active on her social media pages, especially when it comes to providing fans with plenty of behind-the-scenes photos from her various projects. Looks like she might be branching out for some more glamour-type situations based on the above photoshoot. She certainly has the looks to leave the acting business behind and step right into the modeling business.