Eric Clapton Is Being Cancelled, Accused Of Multiple Cultural Offenses

Cancel culture has come for Eric Clapton.

By Kristi Eckert | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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Eric Clapton is one of the world’s most awarded and recognizable Rock and Roll musicians. For many, the 76-year old guitarist is a living legend. He is known for iconic songs like Wonderful Tonight and Tears in Heaven. In 2009 he made Time’s top ten list for best electric guitar players. In 2011 the Gibson Guitar company put him on their top 50 list. Eric Clapton and his music have consistently headlined Rolling Stone over the course of his nearly six-decade-long career. In fact, he is making headlines again, but for reasons that have nothing to do with his musical affinities. Eric Clapton is being held accountable for being a fierce proponent of an anti-vaccine and lockdown resistant mentality, as well as an open supporter of figureheads who like-mindedly perpetuate these ideals. This is on top of new allegations that he has a history of outright racism.

Rolling Stone says that Eric Clapton’s vaccination offenses began last spring when he got vaccinated and claims he experienced severe adverse reactions from getting the AstraZeneca jab. Then, the accomplished musician chose to donate 1,000 euros to the organization Jam For Freedom. The organization, which openly protests the COVID-19 vaccines and the issuing of lockdowns by playing music in outdoor public areas, was founded by Cambel McLaughlin. After Eric Clapton donated the money to McLaughlin the two started conversing which led to an undisclosed amount of further donations, as well as giving Jam For Freedom members temporary use of one of his personal vehicles. 

In addition to Eric Clapton’s support of Jam For Freedom and its members, he has also been spotted with an array of political figureheads known for their highly conservative opinions on various hot-button issues. In fact, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a known advocate for those against COVID-19 vaccine mandates, posted a picture of himself alongside Eric Clapton backstage at a busy concert without masks on his Twitter page. Take a look below. 

As more and more information comes to light about Eric Clapton’s stance on this critical social issue, many of his fans are taking to Twitter and using the power of social media and cancel culture in order to voice their opposition to Clapton’s viewpoints. Writer and Comedian Frank Coniff referred to Clapton on his Twitter as “awful”. Check it out below. 

While Eric Clapton’s anti-vaccination stance has taken center stage, allegations that he has a history of racism have also been brought to the conversation.

Eric Clapton’s opposition towards the COVID-19 vaccine seemingly stemmed from his personal reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine. He says he had complications after he received it which prompted him to oust his true feelings. However, Eric Clapton is not simply content vocalizing his opinions, the rock star has just started touring throughout the United States, playing at many venues that do not require attendees to wear masks or show proof of vaccination. Given the musician’s ability to draw a crowd combined with how public he has made his personal opinions, some believe he could very well be contributing to a serious public health and safety issue by knowingly helping to spread COVID-19.

Initial backlash over Eric Clapton’s actions clearly has already cost him some of his fans, as well a potentially negative effect on his career. However, it is unclear if the musician will become a prolonged victim of cancel culture and if so to what extent. While those speaking out against Clapton are vociferous, many public figures have also spoken candidly about the pitfalls of cancel culture. Those on his side including Johnny Depp, who is currently enduring the effects of it himself.

Still, the gravity of Eric Clapton’s actions are not simply limited to his own views. He did not just simply say something offensive or inappropriate, some believe he could potentially be helping to perpetuate a global epidemic, which, arguably, could warrant the public to cancel him outright.