See Emma Roberts Stare In A Lace Bra And Panties

A fan account posts an image of Emma Roberts wearing a lace bra and panties.

By Mark McKee | Published

emma roberts

With all the talk today around the debate of the nepo-babies, many Hollywood stars have seen backlash among the fanbase. Colin Hanks, Rumor Willis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Dakota Johnson, and others have been the center of the argument that Hollywood has become the new version of old money, where famous parents pass on their success to their children, locking out any new blood from entering the business. But actress Emma Roberts, daughter of Eric Roberts, isn’t letting that stop her (she told PopEater) as she continues to create in Hollywood, and isn’t ashamed to put her talents on display, sometimes as a model instead of an actress. 

As you can see in the image above, she hides nothing from her fans as she stands in front of a mirror in a lace set that shows how hard she works to remain in the spotlight. The Scream Queens actress stands in front of an open window and stares out at her detractors, showing everyone she isn’t afraid to face them head-on and prove she has what it takes to remain on top, regardless of her lineage. Her only protection from them is a navy peacoat perched onto her shoulders to shield her from the baseless criticisms of her abilities. 

Like other actors who have been accused of benefitting from nepotism, Emma Roberts addressed her accusers by reminding them that she is the architect of her own success. While she admits that someone can get her a part, they can’t get her the next nine of them. With a career that blew up in front of our very eyes to become one of the most sought-after young actresses in the business, it is clear that she has been living on talent, not on favors. 

She is the daughter of Oscar-nominated actor Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight and The Expendables), who separated from her mother when she was young. While she lived with her mother, away from the industry, she began spending a lot of time on the sets of her famous aunt, Oscar-Winner Julia Roberts (Erin Brockovich and Ocean’s Eleven). This time on the sets served to help her decide if she wanted to follow in her family’s footsteps, something she turned into a career. 

emma roberts
Emma Roberts in American Horror Story

In 2001, a then 10-year-old Emma Roberts began appearing in small parts in movies like America’s Sweethearts, which starred her aunt and Blow as Johnny Depp‘s daughter. She then appeared in multiple projects as she began to come into her own, like AquamarineNancy Drew, and Valentine’s Day. She finally became a household name with films like Scream 4 and We’re the Millers and her career break in Scream Queens

Emma Roberts continues to prove that she belongs in the business by showing that, as she said, she may have gotten auditions when she was younger thanks to her father and aunt, but she had to do the work and stands on her own merit. She also continues to prove that the camera loves her with images like this one and that she isn’t simply an actor but also an artistic savant for the camera.