Watch Christina Ricci Modeling A Skin-Tight Pink Dress In Sexy Video

Christina Ricci shows off a series of outfits for Harper's Bazaar Taiwan.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

christina ricci

Christina Ricci has always had a flair for outre fashion and she is definitely showing it off in a new photoset for Harper’s BAZAAR Taiwan. In a short video posted to the Yellowjackets’ star’s Instagram, Ricci models a series of outfits that range from the Great Gatsby-style to a figure-hugging pink dress that gives her something of the look of a sexy futuristic alien. Christina Ricci is never shy with her love of high fashion, but this particular post really demonstrates her range.

The former Wednesday Addams (and Wednesday star) has been famous since her years as a child star and has made modeling something of a beloved side-gig. In the video posted to her social media, Christina Ricci first shows off an exaggeratedly long, high-necked pink dress (similar to a black, cut-out gown she also wears). Following that, she wears a peculiar, diaphanous white dress embroidered with flowers and decorated with a number of white straps that have an undeniable straitjacket look to them.

Next, Christina Ricci appears wearing a puffy, creamy white gown with a high, ruff-like collar tied with a ribbon. It is a striking, eye-drawing outfit, so much so that one can almost ignore the fact that the Matrix Resurrections star is holding a young, fluffy black chicken for some reason. After brief glimpses of Christina Ricci wearing the exaggerated pink dress and then the black one, we finally see the actress posing back to back with a mirror image of herself, wearing a jaunty white double-breasted suit and a black boater-style hat.

Christina Ricci seems to be having the time of her life in this Harper’s BAZAAR photo shoot, which is lovely to see. The actress frequently appears at red carpet events wearing ultra-sexy fashion designs like this one (and its lack of essential fabric), so it is nice to see her mix things up with a bit more out there series of costumes like the ones in this social media video.

christina ricci yellowjackets season 2

Currently, Christina Ricci stars in the critically acclaimed Showtime thriller series Yellowjackets as Misty Quigley, an unnervingly chipper nurse and fan of true crime who also happens to be a survivor of a traumatic plane crash in the Canadian wilderness. The first season of the show followed the central quartet of Christina Ricci, Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis, and Tawny Cypress, the adult versions of several champion soccer players who end ups stranded in the wilderness and possibly resort to cannibalism under the influence of both starvation and dark mystical forces. 

The second season of Yellowjackets will pick up the plot with deadly winter approaching the increasingly desperate teens and a bizarre, potentially murderous cult having kidnapped Juliette Lewis. The trailer for the second season showed both Christina Ricci as the adult Misty and Sammy Hanratty as the teen version in wildly different states of emotion, but then again, it is a very intense show. At least between seasons, we get to see Ricci show off some cool looks like these.