See Brie Larson Looking Terrifying As She Tries To Treat Her Skin

Brie Larson looks less like a gorgeous Hollywood actress and more like a terrifying swamp creature with dabs of skin care smeared across her face.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

brie larson

Rumors about Brie Larson being a monster on the set of The Marvels pale in comparison to pics of the actress actually looking like one. A recent post on Larson’s Instagram shows Captain Marvel’s face covered in splotches of what looks like some sort of skin care cream. While everyone expects stars to look different without makeup and special lighting, no MCU fan was prepared to see Brie doing her best Freddy Kruger impression.

That’s an exaggeration, but only slightly. Brie Larson usually has flawless-looking, beautiful skin, no doubt at least partly a result of whatever goop she’s wearing in the above pictures. Her look mid-routine, however, is frightening, to say the least.

The pictures are a far cry from the usual sexy poses and gorgeous outfits the actress posts on her social media accounts. Recent Brie Larson posts have featured the star in stunning blue gowns and little black dresses. These new pictures make it look like the star is too busy fighting the effects of a zombie bite to model her newest red carpet outfit.

All kidding aside, it’s actually refreshing for an actress to post pictures of herself that are less than glamorous. Brie Larson has long been an advocate for skin care and admits to using moisturizers and masks to keep her face healthy and young looking. Larson takes her skin so seriously that she uses a gua sha regularly.

The gua sha is a stone–usually jade–that the user rubs over their skin to help chisel out cheekbones, make eye bags less puffy, and even make their skin glow. Brie Larson uses the Wonder tool while watching TV and claims it helps with her jaw clenching. Judging by her regular Instagram posts–leprosy cosplay notwithstanding–whatever routine Larson is doing is working big time!

Brie Larson doesn’t rely solely on skin care products to get her naturally healthy glow. The Captain Marvel star also credits an adequate amount of sleep with keeping her skin fresh and beautiful. The actress even goes so far as to wear a weighted sleeping mask when traveling for work because it helps her get used to different time zones.

The spots of cream on Larson’s face are most likely for acne. The star has admitted before on Instagram that she has struggled with zits in the past. Brie Larson even once posted a picture of herself with a big dry patch on her face from using too much pimple cream the night before. Brie drew a large red arrow on the picture to highlight her blemish, proving that when it comes to her appearance, the actress has a sense of humor.

According to IMDb, Brie Larson has been acting since before she was even old enough to have pimples. Given that she came of age on movie and television sets, Brie no doubt learned all her skincare techniques from the best makeup artists in Hollywood. Clearly, whatever wisdom they passed down to the young star paid off because now she’s one of the most beautiful women acting today.