Brie Larson Stuns In A Wet See-Through Dress

One of Hollywood’s leading women, Brie Larson, has once again stunned the world with her flawless beauty.

By Erika Hanson | Published

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One of Hollywood’s leading women, Brie Larson, has once again stunned the world with her flawless beauty. The 32-year-old actress is not only known for raising female empowerment through roles like Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also through her ebullient mannerisms through social media. This time around, the critically acclaimed actress stunned viewers with her post-swim photos.

See the pictures below.

Sharing the photo to Instagram this morning, Brie Larson shared the post-which included five brand spanking new photos of the beloved celebrity with a caption that reads: “If you listen closely, you’ll hear the ocean in my earrings.” The photos showcased the Room veteran in a short, soft pink couture dress. With a halter-like neckline, the form-fitting dress showcased the face behind America’s beloved superhero’s toned arms. To top off the look, Larson accessorized the outfit with large sea-shell earrings. 

The caveat to Brie Larson’s viral post wasn’t necessarily the high-end fashion she flaunted. Instead, it was the fact that the picture left viewers insinuating that The Marvels star had just climbed out of the pool showcased in the background of the photos, as she was dripping wet in every single picture. Surely the highlight to many, Brie Larson’s near eight million followers were quick to comment on her latest post which received nearly two hundred thousand likes in under an hour. 

A jaunt through Brie Larson’s Instagram depicts just how content and open she is with her body image, even within an industry that loves to nit-pick celebrities lives apart. Comfortable in her own body, Brie Larson is required to keep a vigorous workout routine for her role as Captain Marvel within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In an interview recently with People, the actress opened up about undergoing a rigid workout regimen to keep her in prime shape. Over time, the actress admits she has developed a love for fitness and sports, which she often displays on social media. In the past, Larson has also discussed her strict meal plan from nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia that includes balance and the allowance for her to occasionally sneak a sweet treat here and there. 

Other than sparking her spontaneous side for impromptu dips in the pool, Brie Larson has spent the last year busy at work filming for her next Marvel project, The Marvels. Once again featuring Larson as Captain Marvel, she will be joined by Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan, set to debut as Ms. Marvel in the upcoming eponymous Disney+series. While filming seems to have wrapped on the upcoming movie, fans can expect to see Brie and the rest of the gang until February of 2023. 

As Brie Larson’s film success continues to thrive, so does her presence on social media. However, the Academy Award-winning actor still fails to boast as many followers on Instagram as some of her Marvel female counterparts like Zoe Saldana and Natalie Portman. While beloved by her devoted followers, the Captain Marvel vet has suffered from plenty of backlash over the past few years. Initiated by her casting as Captain Marvel, one of the main issues proponents had is that they felt the movie and actress failed to honor the character properly as they felt the role should have gone to a man. Many critics even claimed the only reason Brie Larson was chosen was to cater to feminists. While Larson continues to thrive and ignore the complaints from her critics, it appears Marvel fans better get used to seeing the female lead in the MCU, as she might have a long run with the studio ahead of her.