See Brie Larson Show Some Skin On Her Day Off

Brie Larson is currently busy with several film roles and television roles, but the woman is still finding time to relax when she needs to while showing off some skin.

By James Brizuela | Published

brie larson

Brie Larson knows how to show off her skin, as the woman is often in videos showcasing her intense workouts. Those workouts are to keep her in shape for her many demanding roles. However, this time the young actress showed off some skin in a much different way. Larson revealed a collection of pictures on her Instagram that highlight a rare moment where she gets to relax. The starlet is in a flowy and looks quite sexy. Her caption speaks about self-care and not wearing sweats. Whatever this self-care is for her, we are on board with it. You can see the images below:

Brie Larson is always quite forthcoming about her personal life on her social media pages. Fans love that she can reveal herself in this way, as the above images have already garnered well over 150,000 likes. The comments are full of the usual heart-eye and fire emojis. We would agree with all those sentiments. Even though the comments have been limited on the post, there are plenty of people basking in Larson’s beauty as she lounges on a chair. We understand that limiting comments is to not get bogged down with those who would say terrible things online. We are not sure why anyone would say anything mean to her, as she looks spectacular, even by doing the simplest activity of relaxing.

Brie Larson does deserve to relax, as she has been busy for quite some time. She has already filmed her follow-up to Captain Marvel, which is a film called The Marvels. The sequel will see her team up with Ms. Marvel. We will certainly find out what has happened with the pair of Marvel women, especially after the Ms. Marvel finale. Also, Larson is living out her dream, as she is filming her role for Fast X. The actress had begged on social media to be cast in the Fast & Furious franchise, which Vin Diesel happily granted. From there, Larson is making a switch to television, as she is going to be taking on a historical fiction role. Larson has been cast as Elizabeth Zott in a series called, Lessons in Chemistry. This series follows a book of the same name by author Bonnie Garmus. Larson will also be appearing in a biopic series about a real-life CIA operative. The name of that series and other details have not yet been revealed.

We would imagine that Brie Larson is going to be plenty busy with the MCU, as there have been several movies and shows that have been announced. With most of the original Avengers team now gone, Captain Marvel might be one of the leading members of the new Avengers. For one thing, Larson could be reprising her role for Secret Invasion, and there are Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars to think about. Whatever she is doing, she has legions of fans following her. She seems like a sweet soul who always brings her fans into her personal life. We certainly appreciate it.