See Amber Heard For First Time Since The Trial, Caught Hiding Out In Spain

A video of Amber Heard dancing has gone viral.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

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A video of Amber Heard has gone viral for the first time since the actress’s defamation trial with her ex-husband Johnny Depp took the internet by storm last April. The TikTok video (seen below) shows the Aquaman actress dancing and singing to Selena’s “Como La Flor” while wearing a simple yet stylish outfit that features a pair of tight blue jeans, a plain black tank top, and the actress’s signature red lipstick. While the video was taken before the trial took place, it has recently gone viral on the clock app.


Last month, another video resurfaced where Amber Heard was reportedly intoxicated during an interview. The actress slurred her words multiple times during her interview. At the time, the footage drew further criticism from pro-Depp supporters amid the trial. Since then, the clip has gained over 19 million views on TikTok. Later in early May, a video of Heard drinking water from her bottle during the trial had sparked further allegations. While these allegations reportedly had no legitimacy, that did not stop pro-Depp supporters from tearing the actress apart. As per the allegations from last month, speculations revolved around Heard consuming alcohol during the trial.

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The video, which was shared on Tik Tok user Bernardo Triana’s account, was filmed last year, before the Johnny Depp – Amber Heard trial during the weeks that the actress was filming the psychological period thriller, In The Fire. At the time, Triana had been hired as Heard’s assistant and talent liaison and spent the better part of a month with the DC actress. In addition to sharing the viral dancing video, Triana also shared a behind-the-scenes video of the actress in costume for the upcoming movie. 

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Amber Heard stars as Grace Burnham in In The Fire, where she plays a doctor in the 1890s who travels to a remote plantation to care for a boy who seems to have unexplainable abilities. Burnham then ignites a war of science versus religion with the local priest, who believes the boy is possessed by the devil. The film also stars Luca Calvani as the priest, Lorenzo McGovern Zaini as the boy, and Eduardo Noriega and Sophie Amber.

In the Fire was filmed before Amber Heard lost to Johnny Depp at the Virginia defamation trial. After seven weeks, the long-drawn-out court trial ended on June 1 when the jury awarded $10 million in favor of Depp and only $2 million to Heard. Since then, both Depp and Heard have kept a low profile.

Both actors have left the United States, preferring to keep to their solitude in Europe. Johnny Depp has been living a quiet life in Somerset, England, living in a countryside mansion and becoming friendly with the locals of the village. Amber Heard is rumored to be living in Mallorca, Spain, with her daughter, where they also live quiet lives and spend their days walking through town or visiting the parks. 


It makes sense that Amber Heard would want to keep under the radar after last year’s events, where the actress not only dramatically lost to Depp in the trial but was publically humiliated on the internet by all those who sided with Depp while the court case aired both celebrities’ dirty laundry. Allegedly, Heard is now renting a mansion in Spain from the family of Spanish politician Maria Antònia Munar. Rumor has it that Heard used the alias Marta Jane Cannary to rent the property, which is the real name of the infamous sharpshooting frontierswoman, Calamity Jane.

In addition to In the Fire, Amber Heard also has the Aquaman sequel, The Lost Kingdom, expected to come out on Christmas Day at the end of this year. In the Fire currently does not have a release date, though IMBd shows it to be in post-production. Both films were shot before Heard went to trial last year, and there are no other upcoming projects slated for her schedule.