See Amber Heard Stick Fighting In A Sports Bra

By Doug Norrie | 21 seconds ago

Amber Heard

As Amber Heard gears up for another run as Queen Mera in the DC Extended Universe when Aquaman 2  comes out next year, she has had no issues sharing some of the training regimes needed to get ready for the part. They are more than a little impressive, with all manners of strength and fitness on display plus some martial arts training as well. In her latest Instagram post, we got a look at Heard training with a bow staff and looking every bit a warrior. 

With the caption, “*Non* traditional martial arts victory dance”, the post has a video of Amber Heard training with someone else who is wielding a short-sword. There is some clearly calculated choreography here, part of the training regimen that is no doubt part of what she will be doing on the big screen. Heard looks comfortable in the part, eventually “winning” the contest by disarming her opponent and they all walk away with a smile. Check it out. 

Amber Heard has been sharing videos like this of late, detailing some of the lengths she is willing to go to get into peak physical shape for the Queen Mera part. These days, action movies and especially ones focused on superheroes do require a level of dedication to training we haven’t really seen in the past. Sure, CGI helps some characters get there, but for many the “realistic” physical presence on screen in terms of body type and movement is paramount. One has to look the part in a couple of different ways. In this sense, Amber Heard has almost all of it down pat. 

The work should end up paying off. By all accounts, Amber Heard is set to see her role expand in the DC Extended Universe going forward. There is speculation that she will have a much bigger part in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, possibly even ending up with something close to co-billing alongside star Jason Momoa. It appears that DC and Warner Bros. want to continue to grow her character, even opting at some point for a solo movie. Heard herself seems to have her sights set on this outcome as well, with rumors that she has been tracking along Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman arc. 

What happens with Amber Heard over at DC does still remain to be seen, though at this point we can clearly move past the previous rumors that she might have been on the outs as Queen Mera. Following the divorce from Johnny Depp and the publicity fallout in the wake of court cases, some thought (and others wanted) her removed from the franchise. But that isn’t going to happen and if anything she is gearing up for a bigger role going forward. With training like this, it is easy to see why DC would want her around for the long haul.  

Amber Heard and company are currently filming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom now with the release date tentatively set for December 16, 2022. It should be a good one.