Amber Heard Is Looking Beat In Aquaman 2 Training Sneak Peek

By Kristi Eckert | 1 month ago

amber heard

It’s no secret that the training associated with filming a superhero movie can be extensive and grueling. Brie Larson recently shared some insight on the intense workout routine that she is doing in preparation for her upcoming Captain Marvel sequel. It also seems like Amber Heard is experiencing much of the same intensity during the training that she’s doing for the much-anticipated Aquaman sequel officially titled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. She shared a picture of herself on Instagram looking positively exhausted. 

Amber Heard captioned the photo, “Just another day at the office,” and it is clear that she is working intently on preparing for her role as Princess Mera. The photo was a follow-up to the training video that Amber Heard posted her Twitter a few weeks prior. Both the training photo and video served to quell the anxieties of fans concerned over circulating rumors that due to the drama surrounding her and her ex-husband Johnny Depp, Amber Heard would be fired from the movie and her role re-cast. However, the training sneak peeks that Amber Heard shared certainly debunk any previous rumors. Check it out:

The rumors of Amber Heard being fired have been nullified, but they did have fans worried for quite a while. In fact, it ultimately took the film’s producer, Peter Safran to confirm once and for all that this was indeed not the case. In a previous interview with the publication Deadline, he reaffirmed the solid commitment that the studio and team have to the actress. 

Apart from it being official that Amber Heard will definitively reprise her role for the upcoming film and that her character will play a significant part in moving the narrative forward, nothing has been revealed in terms of what the character’s story arc will be or even what the general plot of the film is. According to Screen Rant, however, the director of the first Aquaman movie, James Wan, has returned along with fan-favorite Jason Momoa as Aquaman himself. Digital Spy pointed out that even though those involved with the second Aquaman film are being exceedingly tight-lipped about any specific details outside of the cast, the director of the film did tease during a Twitter hosted Q&A that fans can expect the film not to be adapted from any one particular story from the comics. 

Fans will still have to wait a while until the film is released and to see Amber Heard reprise her role, for the third time around, as Princess Mera. Currently, there is no official date as to when the movie will hit theaters, but IMDb has it listed as sometime in the year 2022 and that it is being filmed now in London.

amber heard

Apart from her participation in the upcoming sequel, Amber Heard is also attached to another project that just entered pre-production. That project does not have a tentative release window, but the plot is said to be about an American model who finds herself caught up in the underground world of the European modeling industry. Fans of Amber Heard certainly have a lot of material to look forward to in the coming years.