The First Star Wars Spinoff May Focus On Han Solo And Star This Breaking Bad Vet

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Han SoloWith that trailer that dropped after Thanksgiving, not to mention the fact that the release date is now less than a year away, the majority of the attention paid to Star Wars is focused on The Force Awakens, understandably so. But there is, of course, a ton of other stuff happening in the ever expanding Star Wars universe. This latest report has to do with the first of the standalone films, and also happens to contradict some of what we have already heard.

We know that Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) will direct the first standalone film, but up to now we’ve generally heard that it will focus on fan-favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett. According to Making Star Wars and their sources, however, it might have closer ties to The Force Awakens than we thought, as Han Solo could be the protagonist. They also heard that Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul might be one of the leads. Paul is “looking to be attached” to the film, and that could mean anything from he’s talked to people about it to him just wanting to be in a Star Wars movie. Whatever the reality of the situation,itt sounds unlikely that this character is not the beloved scruffy-looking nerf herder.

The report says that production could begin before too long at Pinewood Studios, and that “The filming will eventually overlap with some of Star Wars: Episode VIII.” Their source also tells them that the production codename for the film is “Luminac Industrial Goods.”

This obviously isn’t the first we’ve heard of a Han Solo movie, but it’s the first we’ve that it might be the first non-Episode film we see, already scheduled for 2016. One report from a while back actually said explicitly that this isn’t a Han movie, and we expected that story to be the one slated for 2018.

Aaron PaulThe most recent reports about the first spinoff indicated that the plot revolves around bounty hunters and involves a heist, possibly of the plans for the first Death Star from before A New Hope. If the first movie is indeed a young Han Solo adventure, it could very well involve stealing—you know the space rogue has swiped his fair share of loot—and it wouldn’t be the first time someone has sent hired goons after him. It’s possible that whatever the hell Luminac Industrial Goods produces, could be the target of said caper.

Right now all of this is mere speculation and, like everything Star Wars related, we won’t likely know anything for sure until we actually see the damn movies. Perhaps the most concrete thing to come out of this report is the idea of multiple films butting up against each other. With a new movie scheduled for release every year for the foreseeable future, this is bound to happen. It’s also easy to envision Pinewood Studios turning into something like a Star Wars factory for a while, which is an exciting prospect for fans.

If they’re already thinking the next two productions are going to overlap, it seems to indicate that they have a clear idea about when they’re going to begin filming. And if they have a target start date, even a rough one, you have to assume that means they already have most of the story elements, maybe even a draft of a script, in place. That makes sense as they’re going to churn out a bunch of movies in a relatively short span, but again, as a Star Wars fan, it’s hard not to get giddy about this sort of thing.


  1. Ivan Galić says:


  2. AJ says:

    Oh man, I hope it’s not Aaron Paul. If Need for Speed is any indication, this guy doesn’t have the chops. Chris Pratt is a way better suggestion for a young Han.

  3. Michael Sweeney says:

    Do not hire Arron Paul for anything Star Wars related.


  4. Brian says:

    “It’s the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs… Bitch!”

    “Boring conversation anyway… Bitch!”

    “Who’s scruffy looking? Bitch!”

    “I know, bitch…”

    “Well I don’t think the Empire in mind when they made her… Bitch!”

    “Hey, it’s me bitch!”

    All jokes aside, I really likes him in Breaking Bad. Didn’t see Need For Speed and while it looked awful, Mark Hamill certainly stared in his share of stinkers between SW and voice work. Still, not sure if I ‘love’ him as Han but I’m not closed to the idea. If anything bothered me it is the thought of a SW movie every year for the foreseeable future sounds like over kill. Look I know Marvel does it but Marvel has been putting out 30+ comics a month since the 60s and that’s ignoring the various cartoons; Marvel is supposed to be super abundant. Star Wars however is more like the caviar of scifi. We’ve only had six films in the last near 40 years. To get a movie a year would take away part of what makes it special. I know this is old news but that Pinewood Star Wars factory comment madero pause a bit. Even a 2 or 1 year break between films would be good.

  5. Dyce Raptor says:

    Has anyone considered that IF this first solo film is about Han Solo… that it could be Harrison Ford playing it, as Han’s current age?
    It could still involve Boba Fett, bounty hunters, and a heist… with old Han Solo still doing it.
    Ford still has a couple more movies in him, especially since he’d probably play a less active role, with a younger actor (Lando’s son or daughter?) getting the action scenes.
    Oh shit… and as I typed that I just realized we could have Lando killed at the beginning of it… dragging Solo and Lando’s kid into a revenge story, as a puppet being controlled by none other than Boba Fett.
    I hate to say it arbitrarily, but Star Wars will be a shared universe. Why back track with origins? Clearly prequels don’t quite work in Star Wars… it’s better leaving the mystery of characters intact.