Pacific Rim And Doctor Who LEGO Sets Could Be All The Future Rage

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pacific rim legoWhen I was young, I can’t say I was incredibly inventive when it came to making things out of LEGO blocks. It was mostly this kind of house, or that kind of house, and “skateboard that only has wheels in the middle because that other piece either got eaten by the dog or actually up and walked out of the house.” But people more accomplished than I have been doing amazing things with them in the past few years, and I think this is the dawn of the Golden Age of LEGO. Maybe someone greater than all of us came back in time to make this so, or maybe it’s all an effort to cancel the apocalypse. Either way, these unofficial Pacific Rim figures look incredible, and anyone who wants to is now able to submit Doctor Who projects to LEGO Cuusoo, the user-submitted concept site.

First, let’s talk about what already exists, but which will probably never be commercially available, since it’s easier on a fanboy’s heart to accept defeat before moving on to success. Japanese LEGO modeler Moko has put his best giant mechanical foot forward in the recent past in creating the Jaeger squad from Guillermo del Toro’s summer tentpole. He couldn’t replicate Charlie Hunnam’s wooden acting style with plastic, but this is quite an amazing set of toys that you wouldn’t want to risk your child playing with. Just give them some super glue and they’ll be happy.

I dare not wonder what kind of modified parts were needed to create Gipsy Danger, Chemo Alpha, Crimson Typhoon, Strike Eureka, Omega Deltoid, Fonzie Spumoni, Dragonwolf Flyswatter, and all of them. They look great, and they even have a couple of foes to swing a plastic ocean liner at, as Moko also put together Knifehead and Otachi kaiju figures. Check out his designs below, and find them all here.

pacific rim lego

pacific rim lego

pacific rim lego

pacific rim lego

Let’s all give him a hand for that last one. Because…he doesn’t have an arm. Tough crowd.

In quieter but potentially more lucrative news, LEGO Cuusoo has updated their License Conflicts and Resolutions to allow Doctor Who submissions into their voting system. Previously, the rights to all toys were held by the company Character Building, and apparently they’ve either let it lapse or they’ve gotten a deal going. Either way, we’re inevitably going to write a story in the future about some genius’ method of constructing a TARDIS that’s as wide as a six-stud brick, but the inside is as wide as a twelve-stud brick. The future also holds an official Ghostbusters set, so it’s all going to get better from here. Plus, The LEGO Movie, right?


  1. The Rizz says:

    It’s doubtful a Dr. Who set will happen any time soon – one of the LEGO-alike companies already licensed it.

    • The Rizz says:

      Oops! Missed the little blurb at the end about the license issue being somehow resolved – IGNORE ME!