What If Your Favorite Movie And TV Cars Were Really Transformers?

If they transformedWith three Michael Bay Transformers movies already in our rearview, and another, this summer’s Age of Extinction, looming on the horizon, we’ve already seen just about every vehicle imaginable turn into a giant robot at one time or another. While the act of shape shifting in and of itself is pretty damn cool, you have to wonder what it would look like if some of our favorite cinematic automobiles just so happened to be Transformers. And if you’ve thought of it, odds are that someone out in the wide, wild world of the Internet has probably thought of it, too. In this case, someone has, and that person happens to be a way, way better artist than I am, and the result is pretty damn sweet.

Artist Darren Rawlings has taken it upon himself to imagine iconic cars, trucks, buses, and what have you, as if they could also morph into big ass robots from space. This collection of awesome images definitely runs parallel to my tastes and predilections. It’s impossible not to look at these and get giddy thinking about all my favorite childhood properties, which almost all represented here. About the only ones not part of this collection are Airwolf and the Batmobile. The best part of these pictures is that they look like they could be characters from the actual animated Transformers series of our youth.


The Giver Trailer Confirms This Movie Is Finally Happening

With the giant success of The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and The Twilight Saga, The Weinstein Company is looking to cash in with a new young-adult movie adaptation. While Vampire Academy really didn’t do anything for the movie studio on a critical or commercial level, they’re giving it another go with a film adaptation of The Giver. Based on Lois Lowry’s best-selling novel, The Giver is a Newbery Award-winning piece of fiction and a staple of middle-school education in the United States. There have been many attempts to bring it to theaters in the past, notably when Bill Cosby bought the film rights, but The Weinstein Company won the rights for Lowry’s book in the end.


Drew Struzan: A Tribute To Science Fiction’s Poster Master


Even if you don’t recognize the name Drew Struzan, I guarantee you’ve seen tons of his work over the years. Perhaps best known for his gorgeous Star Wars art, Struzan has created over 150 posters, providing iconic imagery for the Back to the Future films, the Indiana Jones series, and even AMC’s The Walking Dead. Struzan just turned 67 this week, so we here at GFR decided it was high time to pay the master some tribute. Allow us to be your guide through Struzan’s best science fiction posters from both movies and TV. First up — where else? — let’s start with Star Wars.

The three posters above are some of Struzan’s most well known. He created the posters — which combine to form one very snazzy image — for the release of Star Wars’ Special Editions. I remember having these on the copy of the VHS Special Editions I bought back in the day. And sure, those Special Editions were chock full of unnecessary or outright horrible changes, at least their cover art was awesome.

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Ghostbusters 3 Will Live On In 2015, But Without Ivan Reitman Directing

ghostbustersI ain’t afraid of no ghosts, that’s for sure. But what I’m hesitant/scared/terrified of is a third Ghostbusters movie, which refuses to give up and dive into the ghost trap. But it still exists, and it has lost its most encouraging tie to the original two films: director Ivan Reitman. The filmmaker has officially decided to step away from the project following the death of his friend and longtime collaborator Harold Ramis. Thankfully, he isn’t leaving the franchise completely. And by thankfully, I mean (yawn).

Reitman will be sticking around Sony Pictures and will join Amy Pascal as a producer on the film, assisting her in finding whatever director will take his place. He’s been attached to this project for as many years as it has existed, from the one that Bill Murray refused to do, to the next one that Bill Murray refused to do, and things were looking up in recent years, as Reitman and co-scripter Dan Aykroyd were working with screenwriter Etan Cohen on a semi-reboot with all-new heroes. But while he was hoping that Ramis would get better, that unfortunately didn’t happen and Reitman feels he can’t return to the Ghostbusters universe without him. Citing years of reading Internet rumors about this project, Reitman decided to set the record straight himself in an interview with Deadline.


Star Wars: Episode VII Will Officially Take Place 30 Years After Return Of The Jedi

Ho. Ly. Crap. After what feels like many millennia, Lucasfilm and Disney have finally come forward and released some actual information about what is arguably the most highly anticipated film of the next two years, Star Wars: Episode VII. We still don’t know who’s in it, or what they’ll be doing, but we now know that the third trilogy in the franchise will start filming this May, and that it will be set 30 years after the events of Richard Marquand’s Return of the Jedi. So that should be somewhat comforting for everyone worried that they were going to somehow CGI the shit out of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill.


Marvel’s Assembling A Universe Special Is Tonight’s Must-See TV

We’re currently about halfway through the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s so-called “Phase 2,” a grouping of movies that began with Iron Man 3 and will culminate in The Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015. Along the way we saw Thor tussling with dark elves in The Dark World, and we’ve still yet to see this year’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. If you’re craving every bit of information you can get about Marvel Studios’ future, you’ll definitely want to set the DVR for the Marvel Studios — Assembling a Universe TV special, which premieres tonight on ABC at 8/7c. Here’s a trailer.