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Controversial Horror Bloodbath Is Director’s Best Film, Stream With No Netflix Needed

Before 2003, Rob Zombie was best known for infusing industrial music with heavy metal through his work with his band, …

4 months ago

the thin blue line

The Intense Horror Mystery With A Terrifying Twist, Stream Without Netflix

Possession films are a dime a dozen, but The Taking of Deborah Logan is one that will leave you with …

4 months ago

mutant x

The Marvel Sci-Fi X-Men Rip-Off You Can Stream Without Disney+

Looking for a Marvel series about mutants that isn’t about the X-Men? In 2001, a strange show called Mutant X …

4 months ago

blade series

The Marvel Superhero Series You’ll Never See On Disney+, Stream Right Now

The 2006 superhero show Blade: The Series is available to stream on Tubi. Created by David S. Goyer for Spike TV, the …

4 months ago

The ’90s Sci-Fi Action Franchise Blockbuster You Can Stream Right Now Without Netflix

The 1994 sci-fi action adventure film Stargate is streaming on Tubi. Directed by Roland Emmerich from a script he co-wrote with Dean …

4 months ago

Younger Generations Want Original Movies Over Franchises, Here’s The Proof

Figuring out what you like to watch is a top priority for today’s movie studios and streaming channels. Do you …

4 months ago

The 1980s Comedy Flop Turned Cult Classic That Never Gets Old, Stream Right Now

At the height of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s first wave of popularity, he made the decision to pivot to filmmaking and …

4 months ago


1990s Sci-Fi Crime Thriller Beloved By Fans, Stream Without Netflix

Filmmakers just don’t make technological crime thrillers like they used to, and 1995’s Hackers is one of those dated relics …

4 months ago

apollo 18

Sci-Fi Horror Thriller Will Make You Terrified Of Outer Space

What do you get when you cross found-footage horror motifs with a sinister alien plot on the Moon? The answer …

4 months ago


Classic Sci-Fi Series Starring 90s Heartthrob Now Streaming Without Netflix

What if Hercules had ever tangled with angry Klingons and sneaky Romulans? Sadly, that never happened outside of some very …

4 months ago

Stream 1990s R-Rated Violent Sci-Fi Action Blockbuster Without Netflix

The 1994 sci-fi action film Timecop is available to stream on various platforms. The movie is directed by Peter Hyams from a …

4 months ago

forbidden planet 1

The First Big Budget Sci-Fi Movie Is Now Available Without Netflix

More than half a century after its release, Forbidden Planet still stands as a monumental pillar in the field of …

4 months ago

Nicolas Cage Revenge Thriller Gives Taken A New Spin

There’s nothing quite like a Nicolas Cage revenge plot, and 2014’s Rage (titled Tokarev overseas) is one of those films …

5 months ago

everything must go

The Deadpan Comedy Better Than Anyone Expected, Stream Now Without Netflix

When the name Will Ferrell comes to mind, the first thing we want to do is quote Anchorman gratuitously because …

5 months ago

Tense Thriller Turns Real-Life Event Into Panic-Inducing Horror, Stream Without Netflix

There’s nothing quite like a drama about the finer points of risk management to get your blood boiling over the …

5 months ago

1980s Serial Killer Thriller Features The Scariest Performance Of The Decade, Stream Immediately

The only thing more frightening than some unknown ghoul creeping through the night in a horror movie is unwittingly allowing …

5 months ago

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

Insane R-Rated Horror Comedy On Streaming Delivers Nothing But Laughs

There is a movie that exists in this world that you may want to check out if you’re willing to …

5 months ago


The 1980s Sci-Fi Horror Epic With A Star Trek TNG Icon, Stream Without Netflix Right Now

An overlooked film from Patrick Stewart’s vast catalog of acting credits is now streaming online for free. The 1985 film …

5 months ago

The Stephen King Sci-Fi Horror Marked By Controversy, Stream Without Netflix Right Now

Stephen King fans know that the author doesn’t always necessarily celebrate the film adaptations of his literary works. In the …

5 months ago

The R-Rated Violent Comedy That Made South Park Possible, Stream Without Netflix

Can you call yourself a true South Park fan if you’ve never watched Cannibal the Musical? The answer to this …

5 months ago

dog eat dog
new jack city

1990s Violent Crime Thriller Is The Scarface Of Its Decade, Stream Immediately

The 1991 crime drama New Jack City is streaming on Tubi. Directed by Mario Van Peebles, the movie is known for highlighting …

5 months ago

The Horrifying True Story Thriller Guaranteed To Give You Claustrophobia, Stream Without Netflix

Many true-story thrillers tell the tale of human explorers who have encountered something terrifying or otherworldly, resulting in a shocking …

5 months ago