Vanessa Hudgens Wears A Transparent Top To Promote Dead Hot

Vanessa Hudgens wore a black mesh dress to promote her latest film on Tubi.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

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Vanessa Hudgens is quietly one of the hardest-working actors today. From her series of hit Christmas movies on Netflix to performing in FOX’s musicals, Grease Live! and Rent: Live, the High School Musical star always has a project to promote. Her latest, Dead Hot: Season of the Witch, is also her most personal since it’s an unscripted documentary chronicling her journey into witchcraft, and it’s exclusively on Tubi.

The black mesh of the tank top combines with dark makeup and eyeliner to create a tasteful, witchy look suitable for the topic of the film. Vanessa Hudgens and her friend, musician GG Magree, were on a ghost hunt together that went horribly wrong. From that experience, the pair started a journey into the occult, captured by cameras for Tubi.

Vanessa Hudgens and GG Magree admit they have been fascinated by the occult for a long time, with the film going into their journey covering witchcraft, ghost hunting, and talking with spirits. The pandemic jump-started their interest, as during quarantine, the pair watched countless shows on the topic, even going so far as to host a coven over Zoom. Starting from a place of curiosity and admitting they have much to learn, the friends set out to find the positive side of witchcraft and the spirit world.

The friendship that is core to the series reminded Julie Pizzi, who is the president of Bunim-Murray Productions and a producer of the show, of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s reality-tv show, The Simple Life. Guiding the pair is another reality-tv veteran, Leslie Garvin, a Shark Tank producer, who claims she’s talked to spirits since the age of eight. Vanessa Hudgens and GG Magree admit that they broke down multiple times while filming over the experience of connecting with loved ones that had passed.

vanessa hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens as Kelly in Bad Boys for Life

With her newfound experience in the occult and connecting with spirits, Vanessa Hudgens might be the perfect pick to replace Whoopi Goldberg in a remake of Ghost. Though it’s a perfect pairing of star and personal interests, Hudgens likely won’t have the time for any more projects. She has four in various stages of production, and one of them will be her biggest role in years.

Vanessa Hudgens will reprise her Bad Boys for Life role opposite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys 4 as Kelly, joining Alexander Ludwig, Paola Nunez, and Euphoria star Eric Dane. Playing the weapons expert for AMMO, Hudgens had her highest profile big-screen appearance since 2012’s Spring Breakers, which co-starred Selena Gomez and James Franco. Between hosting award shows, guest-starring on television shows, and being the central figure of Netflix’s interconnected Christmas movie universe, she may have been way from the big screen, but she’s never stopped working.

Dead Hot: Season of the Witch is available now on Tubi, but for Vanessa Hudgens fans that already binged the movie, they can next catch her in an episode of Rennervations, starring Jeremy Renner, focused on a mobile music bus.

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