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deceptive movie trailers

Fans Can Now Sue Movie Studios If They Aren’t Happy

A judge rules that the lawsuit against Universal over the allegedly deceptive movie trailer for 2019’s Yesterday can move forward.

1 year ago

disney don't say gay

Disney Facing Huge Lawsuit For Response To Controversial Law

The Walt Disney Company is facing a lawsuit from one of its own investors due to its oppositional response to …

1 year ago

justin bieber nft

NFT Lawsuit Targets Jimmy Fallon, Justin Bieber, and Other Celebrity Endorsements

NFTs have turned out to be a bad investment. Justin Bieber lost a small fortune on his NFT purchase, and the world …

1 year ago

Johnny Knoxville Is Finally Being Sued For One Of His Pranks

Pranks are some of the oldest tricks (if you’ll excuse the pun) in the book and tend to go viral …

1 year ago

bill cosby

NBC Also Being Sued Over New Bill Cosby Rape Allegations

Just months after several cases against him wrapped up, Bill Cosby is heading back to court, but this time he’ll …

1 year ago

mac and cheese

Florida Woman Files $5 Million Lawsuit Over Mac & Cheese

The lovely state of Florida is well-known for being home to Florida Man, but in this developing story, Florida Woman …

1 year ago

elon musk disney florida

Disney Being Sued Because Of Their Prices

YouTube TV subscribers are suing Disney, claiming the media giant is manipulating the price for live TV streaming with their ownership of ESPN and Hulu.

1 year ago

kevin spacey house of cards

Kevin Spacey Hit With New Sexual Offense Charges

Kevin Spacey faces seven more counts of sexual misconduct in the United Kingdom.

1 year ago

anne heche

Anne Heche Estate Sued By Woman Who Lost Her Home In Fatal Car Crash

Lynne Mishele, the owner of the house that the late Anne Heche crashed into with her car, is suing the late actress’ estate.

1 year ago

miles teller top gun: maverick

Paramount Lawsuit For Top Gun: Maverick Is Moving Forward Despite Networks Best Efforts

The copyright infringement Top Gun: Maverick lawsuit is moving forward.

1 year ago

Johnny Depp Amber Heard

Johnny Depp Is Taking Amber Heard Back To Court

Johnny Depp is taking Amber Heard back to court over the countersuit she won against the actor.

1 year ago


Disney Is Being Sued For Stealing A Song For Popular Movie Franchise

Disney is being sued by Daniel Grigson for allegedly stealing his music for the Frozen II song “Some Things Never Change.”

1 year ago

ninth gate johnny depp

Johnny Depp Is Already Involved In Another Lawsuit

Johnny Depp is facing a lawsuit after being accused of plagiarising lyrics by author Bruce Jackson.

1 year ago

judge judy

With $95 Million On The Line, Judge Judy’s Massive Lawsuit Just Took A Turn

While the two year old lawsuit against Judge Judy and CBS has been dismissed, plaintiffs Rebel Entertainment are confident they can get the dismissal reversed.

1 year ago

warner bros discovery david zaslav

Warner Bros Discovery Sued For Allegedly Lying About HBO Max

Warner Bros Discovery investors are suing the company, claiming it inflated HBO Max subscriber numbers to make the streamer look more profitable.

1 year ago

Netflix account sharing

Netflix Just Settled A Major Lawsuit Over Its Best Series

Netflix’s lawsuit over an unauthorized Bridgerton musical has been dropped.

1 year ago

robert downey jr star wars

Robert Downey Jr. Sued For Alleged Elder Abuse

Robert Downey Jr. is being sued over his podcast The Sunshine Place by the author of a book on the subject, who claims financial elder abuse.

1 year ago

tom cruise top gun: maverick

Top Gun: Maverick Lawsuit To Be Dismissed?

Paramount has called a court ruling for a lawsuit involving Top Gun: Maverick to be dismissed, as the studio claims the plaintiffs complaint has no merit.

1 year ago

bill paxton

Bill Paxton’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit Has Settled

The lawsuit involving the death much-missed veteran actor Bill Paxton has finally been settled by all parties.

2 years ago

bob odenkirk lucky hank

Better Call Saul Facing A Defamation Lawsuit

Better Call Saul probably should call someone!

2 years ago

sesame street

Sesame Place Sued For Racial Discrimination Against Kids

Sesame Place, the Sesame Street theme park, is being faced with a lawsuit over alleged racial discrimination toward children.

2 years ago

elon musk

Twitter’s Lawsuit Against Elon Musk Gets A Trial Date

The Twitter lawsuit against Elon Musk is going to trial, and things probably don’t look great for the Tesla CEO.

2 years ago

elon musk

Elon Musk Responds To Lawsuit With A Meme

You stay classy there, Elon!

2 years ago

Amber heard petition

Amber Heard Is Being Sued Because Of The Johnny Depp Trial Verdict

It’s either a really good week or really bad week to be Amber Heard’s lawyer.

2 years ago

Elon Musk myspace tom

Elon Musk Officially Trying To Get Out Of Buying Twitter

In one of the more predictable events in modern business history, Elon Musk has announced he will not follow through on purchasing Twitter.

2 years ago

tiktok death

TikTok Being Sued For Death Of Two Young Girls

While TikTok may be able to teach you the latest dance craze or how to properly boil your pasta water, …

2 years ago

amber heard

How Amber Heard Might Get The Johnny Depp Verdict Thrown Out

They’ll be in court forever.

2 years ago

oj simpson

O.J. Simpson Being Sued For Nearly $100 Million By Murder Victim’s Father

Did he find the “real killer” yet?

2 years ago

bill cosby

Bill Cosby Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault Against A Minor

How many women have been hurt?

2 years ago