Lady Gaga Is Being Sued By The People Who Stole Her Dogs

The woman that returned Lady Gaga's stolen dogs and was later found to be an accomplice to the crime is suing for the $500,000 reward.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

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Attorneys in the United States must be bored. That’s one of the few reasons why Joker 2 star Lady Gaga is being sued by one of the criminals involved in the 2021 dognapping, which included her dogwalker being critically injured. Entertainment Weekly reports that one of the three individuals charged in connection with the crime is suing the rumor Guardians of the Galaxy star for the half a million in reward money offered with “no questions asked.”

One of the accomplices, Jennifer McBride, wants the $500,000 reward for returning the stolen dogs. McBride could be seen waiting to receive the stolen dogs following the assault on Ray Fischer, the dogwalker shot during the commission of the crime. Though she was not charged with the dognapping, she was found guilty of being an accomplice after the fact and for retrieving stolen property.

The catch is that these charges were brought against her because the LAPD wanted a slam dunk case and could not prove that McBride was waiting at the pickup spot and working with her known accomplices for years, beyond a shadow of a doubt. A civil case has a different burden of proof, allowing Lady Gaga to sue back with the lowered burden to nullify any profit McBride may get from the crime. At issue, and the crux of McBride’s case is the phrase “no questions asked.”

McBride’s attorney argues that Lady Gaga committed a breach of contract, fraud by false promise, and fraud by misrepresentation for using that term without paying his client. While there are laws against being forced to pay a robber to retrieve your stolen property, this specific situation falls between the cracks. It is unlikely to succeed and could expose McBride to a heavy settlement favoring the “Poker Face” singer.

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Lady Gaga in House of Gucci

Celebrities have often had to either defend themselves from lawsuits or pursue them to protect their homes and livelihood. Keanu Reeves recently had to go to court for a protective order against a stalker, while others are facing a NFT lawsuit for endorsing the purchase of controversial digital goods. Even Kraft isn’t immune to strange lawsuits, with a woman trying to sue for millions over a claim about how long it takes to cook the product.

Since the 2021 dognapping incident, Lady Gaga has won multiple awards for her role in House of Gucci as real-life murderer Patrizia Reggiani and was cast as the new Harley Quinn in the follow-up to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. Ray Fischer recovered from his nearly fatal shooting, and while he will never be back to normal, he’s on the path to recovery and has publicly credited the singer for helping him. The man who pulled the trigger, James Howard Jackson, was convicted and sentenced to 21 years for the attempted murder.

Harold White, the third person involved in the crime, will be sentenced later this year for illegally possessing a gun as an ex-convict. Most likely, the half-a-million-dollar lawsuit will be tossed out later this year as well, though if it does move forward, it’s likely to end well for Lady Gaga.