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Disney Sued Over Streaming Losses, How Bad Is Disney+ Doing?

Disney is facing a lawsuit from a shareholder who alleges securities law violations during ex-CEO Bob Chapek’s tenure.

10 months ago

mcdonald's AI

McDonald’s Loses Another Major Lawsuit About Food Being Too Hot

A South Florida jury has found McDonald’s guilty of serving McNuggets at too hot of temperature, which resulted in at least one injury.

10 months ago

Ed Sheeran Not Quitting Music Industry After All

A jury has found Ed Sheeran not guilty of stealing from Marvin Gaye’s song “Let’s Get It On.”

10 months ago

apple vr

Apple Won Another Huge Legal Victory Over Epic Games

Epic Games’ antitrust challenge against Apple has been defeated in an appeals court.

10 months ago

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Holmes Sued Because Of Kindness

Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate sued Netflix over Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Sherlock in Enola Holmes, saying a portrayal of the character as kind infringed on copyright.

10 months ago

katy perry

Katy Perry Just Lost A Legal Battle Against Katie Perry

Katy Perry, the singer, lost a trademark case to Katie Perry, the fashion desinger.

10 months ago

dwayne johnson tooth fairy

Dwayne Johnson Is Being Sued For Attempting Kidnapping Of WWE Star

Dwayne Johnson is being sued as part of a conspiracy alleged by a former WWE wrestler.

10 months ago


Disney Sues Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Here’s The Breakdown

Disney is suing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for what they claim was an illegal change to the agreement between the corporation and the state.

10 months ago

Major Streaming Services Involved In Massive Lawsuit For Sharing Personal Customer Data

A judge recently dismissed a Scripps lawsuit that strove to uphold an individual’s streaming privacy.

10 months ago

south park season 24

South Park Streaming Rights Are Involved In Mega-Million Dollar Lawsuit

Paramount Global and WarnerMedia are duking it out in a lawsuit over South Park streaming rights.

11 months ago

Matthew McConaughey

Guy Ritchie Is Being Sued Over The Gentlemen

Writer and actor Mickey De Hara is suing Guy Ritchie over The Gentlemen and is claiming it was plagiarized from his undeveloped script.

11 months ago

Monster Energy Doesn’t Want Video Games To Use The Word “Monster”

Monster Energy drinks is taking legal action against any company that uses the word “Monster” in its name.

11 months ago


Netflix Is Being Sued Again For Allegedly Misleading Viewers

Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras has filed a lawsuit against Netflix for the movie No Limit, which he claims wrongly blames him for his wife’s death.

11 months ago

hbo max

Disney Just Got A Ton Of Money From An Illegal Streaming Site

Disney, and almost every other major studio, banded together to sue Dwayne Johnson (not that one), the owner of multiple pirate websites that illegally shared thousands of programs, and was rewarded with a $30 million judgment.

11 months ago

elon musk disney florida

Disney Faces Serious Consequences Over Firing Marvel Executive

Disney fired Victoria Alonso, one of the original executives behind the MCU, and now she’s suing the company for wrongful termination with a Hollywood heavyweight attorney in her corner.

11 months ago

lady gaga

Lady Gaga Is Being Sued By The People Who Stole Her Dogs

The woman that returned Lady Gaga’s stolen dogs and was later found to be an accomplice to the crime is suing for the $500,000 reward.

12 months ago

henry cavil superman deal revealed

Warner Bros. Discovery Facing Lawsuit For Firing Henry Cavill?

DC fans want to sue Warner Bros. for featuring Henry Cavill in the Black Adam end-credit scene, despite the production company knowing they weren’t going to have the actor return.

1 year ago

jim carrey jeffrey epstein

Jim Carrey Suing Over Alleged Connection To Jeffrey Epstein?

A new video claims Jim Carrey was one of Jeffrey Epstein’s guests on his infamous island, and the Dumb & Dumber star is suing to get the video taken down.

1 year ago

alec baldwin rust

Alec Baldwin’s Rust Film Will Now Be A Documentary

Alec Baldwin’s Rust is now going to be the subject of a documentary following the on-set accident and celebrating the life of Halyna Hutchins.

1 year ago

alec baldwin jail

Alec Baldwin May Lose More Than His Freedom Over Shooting, Thanks To New Legal Action

Alec Baldwin is now involved in another civil suit from the shooting incident on the set of Rust.

1 year ago

sarah michelle gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar Couldn’t Eat McDonald’s For A Crazy Reason

Sarah Michelle Gellar starred in a Burger King commercial when she was five, mentioned McDonald’s and was then sued by the fast-food chain.

1 year ago

A Huge Rock Band Is Taking Breakfast Cereal To Court

OK Go is suing Post Foods over the use of Ok Go on the companies new line of to-go breakfast cereal.

1 year ago

marilyn manson

Marilyn Manson Is Being Sued Again

Marilyn Manson just settled a lawsuit for sexual assault last week, and now’s being sued again with very similar charges.

1 year ago

marilyn manson

Marilyn Manson Settles Hugely Controversial Lawsuit

Marilyn Manson has settled a lawsuit with actress Esme Bianco, who accused the musician of assaulting her.

1 year ago

Why David Duchovny Walked Away From His Biggest Role

David Duchovny walked away from The X-Files during a legal dispute with the studio regarding profits owed to him.

1 year ago

cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Lawsuit Settled For An Insane Amount Of Money

Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt RED is paying $1.85 million in a class-action lawsuit alleging that the company had deliberately hid bugs from investors.

1 year ago

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme Was Sued By A Co-Star For The Craziest Reason

Jean-Claude Van Damme was suited for stabbing a stuntman in the eye during the production of Cyborg.

1 year ago

romeo & juliet

Romeo And Juliet Stars Sue For Child Abuse Over 50 Years Later

Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting are suing for child abuse after being allegedly forced to perform nude in Romeo & Juliet.

1 year ago

kanye west

Kanye West Is On The Run For An Insane Reason

Kanye West is allegedly moving around without a permanent residence to avoid being served lawsuit documents.

1 year ago

microsoft activision-blizzard

Microsoft Is Being Sued Over Activision-Blizzard

Microsoft is being sued by gamers who claim its acquisition of Activision Blizzard will create a monopoly.

1 year ago