Anne Heche Estate Sued By Woman Who Lost Her Home In Fatal Car Crash

Lynne Mishele, the owner of the house that the late Anne Heche crashed into with her car, is suing the late actress' estate.

By Imelda Perez | Published

According to TMZ, the woman whose house was destroyed after Anne Heche crashed into it has issued a lawsuit against the late actress‘ estate, which is now being ran by Heche’s son. According to recent reports, Lynne Mishele, owner of the house which was destroyed, has stated that the car crashed into the home and landed just a few feet away from where she and her pets were sitting. The crash then sparked a fire, which resulted in the death of the actress

According to Lynne, she was at home when Anne Heche’s vehicle slammed through the front wall and drove through most of her house including her “living room, kitchen, home office, and primary room closet before settling into the laundry/storage room of her house.”

Lynne has stated that the event was very traumatizing for her and that experiencing a near-death experience has left her afraid of loud noises and is continuously having nightmares. Lynne also now has nowhere to live because of Anne Heche’s crash, which is why she has decided to pursue legal action. 

Due to the crash and fire that caused Anne Heche’s death, Lynne has allegedly experienced not only emotional distress but physical loss as well. She has not only lost her house but all of her possessions were also destroyed. Her home included sentimental items including pictures and belonging of her parents who are both deceased.

On top of that, she says she also lost important items that are critical for her to complete her job, such as business documents and her laptop.

The lawsuit against Anne Heche’s estate has been made for $2 million for damages including “negligence,” “infliction of emotional distress” and “trespass,” according to documents filed by Lynne’s attorneys. The lawsuit also mentioned the involvement of narcotics in this particular incident.

Anne Heche was driving her Mini Cooper and it’s believed that she was driving recklessly. Reports of tests done after the accident revealed that she was under the influence of narcotics while driving. 

The incident in which Anne Heche crashed into Lynne’s home involved two different crashes. According to authorities, she first crashed into an apartment complex. As she became erratic, she fled the scene and was speeding through the neighborhood of Los Angeles where Lynne resided.

She then crashed into Lynne’s home and was left unconscious. 

The crash was so horrible that first responders didn’t believe that Anne Heche would be alive but they quickly took her out of the car when they realized she was still breathing. At the hospital, she was left in a coma and in critical condition. She remained on life support until she later was pronounced dead due to inhalation and thermal injuries on August 12, 2022.

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Anne Heche and Harrison Ford in Six Days Seven Nights (1998)

Anne Heche was best known for her role in movies such as Six Days Seven Night and Return to Paradise. She also held an Emmy award for her successful role in the soap opera Another World.