Marilyn Manson Settles Hugely Controversial Lawsuit

Marilyn Manson has settled a lawsuit with actress Esme Bianco, who accused the musician of assaulting her.

By Douglas Helm | Updated

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Deadline has reported that Marilyn Manson and Game of Thrones actress Esme Bianco have reached a settlement agreement for the lawsuit Bianco filed nearly two years ago. Bianco sued the “Beautiful People” singer over claims of sexual assault and sexual battery. The details of the settlement agreement have not been released.

Bianco’s attorney released a brief statement about the settlement, stating that Bianco was “ready to move on with her life and career.” Bianco first filed the case against Marilyn Manson in April 2021 when Bianco alleged that Manson made threats and performed nonconsensual violent sexual acts on her. Along with the rape allegations, Bianco added that Manson attempted to control her life and wouldn’t let her sleep, eat, or leave without permission.

Esme Bianco is far from the only woman who has come forth with allegations against Marilyn Manson. At this time, Manson has not been charged due to any of these claims. One of the most prominent allegations against Manson came from Evan Rachel Wood.

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Evan Rachel Wood

In 2021, Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood took to social media to name Marilyn Manson, her ex-fiance, as her abuser. Since her allegations, multiple other women have come forth to share their allegations against Manson. Manson has so far denied all of these claims and even sued Evan Rachel Wood for defamation.

Marilyn Manson sued Evan Rachel Wood for defamation and accused her of conspiring with her girlfriend to falsify evidence against him. This lawsuit is ongoing. Also ongoing is the investigation being conducted by the LA Country D.A.s office into the claims against Manson.

Evan Rachel Wood released a two-part documentary directed by Amy Berg titled Phoenix Rising on HBO. In addition to detailing her alleged experiences with Marilyn Manson and his abuse, it follows her journey to get the Phoenix Act passed. The Phoenix Act is a piece of legislation that extends the statute of limitations for domestic abuse cases in California.

Phoenix Rising premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival before making its way to HBO. Along with the aforementioned Marilyn Manson allegations, the documentary also explores the implications of domestic abuse and some of the main factors that prevent survivors from coming forward and escaping the cycles of domestic abuse. Evan Rachel Wood also co-authored the Phoenix Act, which did eventually pass into law largely thanks to her efforts.

Evan Rachel Wood started a relationship with Marilyn Manson in 2007 when she was 19 and he was 38. The two were briefly engaged in 2010. Manson has repeatedly denied Evan Rachel Wood’s claims against him and called them a “distortion of reality.”

As of now, the lawsuit between Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood is still ongoing. With the LA DA office continuing its investigation, there may eventually be charges files depending on what they determine from the evidence. We’ll keep you updated on any new lawsuits.