Indiana Jones 5

  • Franchise: Indiana Jones
  • Director: James Mangold
  • Release Date: January 30, 2023
  • Studio: Disney
Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford

Helena Shaw

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Jurgen Voller

Mads Mikkelsen


Over the years (decades really) the character Indiana Jones has seen his fair share of adventures. Harrison Ford has found the Lost Ark of the Covenant, narrowly escaped some intense human sacrifice bros, discovered the Holy Grail, and even mostly/ kind-of-proved the existence of extraterrestrials.

In a lot of ways, you’d think dude’s covered all of the big questions of human existence, “solving” many of the mysteries around our world even if the end results were sometimes less than ideal. Which brings us to Indiana Jones 5. It looks like there is at least one more adventure waiting out there.

The franchise has been around for what feels like forever with the original, Raiders of the Lost Ark released almost 40(!) years ago. That Indiana Jones has been around this long AND will come to theaters with the same star is nothing short of amazing. Let’s take a look at everything we know about Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

The First Indiana Jones 5 Trailer Was Released During The Super Bowl

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny gave everyone the first real look during the Super Bowl and it was a glorious return to this franchise for one last trip.

We got Harrison Ford in all his swashbuckling and fedora-laden glory, harkening back to previous movies in the franchise. The movie sets our main character on a collision course with the Nazis once again, this time likely trying to stop them from going back in time to change the outcome of World War II.

Indiana Jones 5 Release Date Is June 30, 2023

Indiana Jones 5 previously had a release date set at July 19, 2022. Even before that, the original release date was set years ago for July 19, 2019 but that was scrapped. This thing has been a moving target.

But then fans were hit with a crushing blow. Disney did a major shift in their release schedule, moving around every Marvel movie. As they also own Lucasfilm, which is responsible for Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones 5, they also moved the release date for his fifth movie. Tragically, the date was shifted back an entire year.

Filming Wrapped On Indiana Jones 5 Back In February 2022

indiana jones 5

With over a year until the release date, the Indiana Jones 5 filmmakers announced at the end of February 2022 that principal photography on the movie had wrapped. First to post was director James Mangold, who tweeted a screenshot from the end of 1981’s Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark with the caption “And so begins the first day after the storm..”

Next was producer Frank Marshall whose less cryptic tweet included a shot of his “Indy” baseball cap with the caption “That’s a wrap!!! #indianajones.” You can see both of those tweets below.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Mads Mikkelsen Are In Indiana Jones 5

Mad Mikkelsen

There are a number of notables involved with Indiana Jones 5, taking part in the Dial of Destiny. For starters, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is on board as Helena Shaw. She is playing Indiana’s goddaughter in the movie, though the relationship is a bit of a mystery around just how she is part of Jones’s life.

Regardless, her role is a big one in this movie and there’s even some chance of a torch (or whip) – passing moment for the franchise here.

And then there is Mads Mikkelsen who is playing the primary antagonist Jurgen Voller. This is the dude who used to be a Nazi but is now part of the group that NASA hired during the Space Race. He definitely looks the part, and even harkens back a bit to Ronald Lacy’s Major Arnold Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark in terms of the overall look.

Other notables in the cast include Antonio Banderas, John Rhys-Davies who will reprise his role of Sallah, and Boyd Holbrook.

James Mangold Is Directing Indiana Jones 5

Steven Spielberg was supposed to be back to direct his final film in the Indy franchise. He has directed all four previous Indiana Jones movies. However, Variety says he has already bailed on the project and they’re in talks with another director to take over. Spielberg will stay on as an Exec Producer, but that’s a title that denotes varying levels of involvement ranging from a lot to absolutely none at all. Namely, it doesn’t tell us much.

The director being put in charge of Indiana Jones 5 is James Mangold. He’s done a lot of amazing work over his career. You probably know him best as the director of movies like Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma, Logan, and most recently the Oscar-nominated Ford V. Ferrari.

Harrison Ford Was Injured On The Set

indiana jones

Before Indiana Jones 5 was barely up and running, the production suffered a serious delay and a pretty painful one for its lead actor. Before the first month of production was over, Harrison Ford injured his shoulder while rehearsing a fight scene.

What was initially believed to be a minor issue ballooned quickly when it doctors determined Ford’s injury was serious enough to need surgery, necessitating a six-week halt in production. Filming stopped in June and resumed in early September, with Ford back on set in his trademark Jones costume.

The Plot Of Indiana Jones 5 Involves The Space Race And Time Travel

In July, we released an exclusive report from one of our trusted and proven sources about the plot of Indiana Jones 5, and from everything we’ve seen so far from the set, most of our report has been confirmed.

According to our inside sources at the time, the story takes place during the space race of the 1960s. Phoebe Waller-Bridge will be playing a British reporter named Clara Wolfe — a former student of Indiana Jones’. Wolfe reaches out to her old professor after uncovering a plot involving the Apollo 11 astronauts.

Mads Mikkelsen’s character will reportedly play a former Nazi scientist recruited by the US government to help in the space race. Mikkelsen’s villain will somehow get ahold of an item that allows him time travel, and he will try to use this to make it so the Allies lost World War II.

The fact that time travel will be a big part of Indiana Jones 5 seems to have been confirmed by production photos that include actors dressed as Roman soldiers, as well as some dressed as gladiators.

The Indiana Jones Theme Music

Indiana Jones

The Indiana Jones theme music is as much a part of the franchise as the action and story. The iconic refrain, composed by John Williams is seemingly central to all parts of the movie.

Williams will be back composing the music for Indiana Jones 5. He’s still firmly entrenched in the Spielberg/ George Lucas Universe having composed the music for every Star Wars movie including most recently The Last Jedi and Solo as well as Spielberg’s recent films The BFG and The Post. 

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