Harrison Ford Making An Indiana Jones Series

Harrison Ford has already signed on for the fifth and final film in the Indiana Jones franchise, but a new rumor suggests Disney wants him for a new series.

By Ross Bonaime | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Harrison Ford Indiana Jones

For the last few years, Harrison Ford has been doing sort of a victory lap with some of his greatest characters. In 2015, he returned to the Star Wars universe for the first time in 33 years with The Force Awakens, then revived his character of Rick Deckard for 2017’s Blade Runner 2049. In keeping with this trend, Ford has signed on to Indiana Jones 5, which is supposedly the final film in the franchise, and would theoretically be the last time Ford would play the character. But a new rumor suggests that Disney might want Ford to return for a new Disney+ series.

According to gossip writer Daniel Richtman, as reported by We Got This Covered, Disney is developing an Indiana Jones series for Disney+ and would like to see Harrison Ford in the series. While Richtman doesn’t say who his sources are for this piece of gossip, or even give proof that an Indiana Jones series is indeed in the works, but this also seems like a no-brainer. Of course, if Disney is working on an Indiana Jones series, they’d want the man who has played the character for decades to appear in the show. The bigger question is whether or not Ford would want to be a part of such a show.

If Disney were ready to close the door on the Indiana Jones series of films, it would be unlikely for the company to just let the franchise go away for good. Since Disney is shifting their focus to more Disney+ programming, an Indiana Jones show would be a way to wrap up the films, but still continue these stories in some other fashion. However, it does seem incredibly unlikely that if there were an Indiana Jones series that Harrison Ford would be the star. Considering Ford’s recent revisit of some of his biggest roles have been sort of a send-off to his famous characters, Indiana Jones 5 will likely do the same.

Sean Connery Indiana Jones

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that a new series couldn’t focus on a younger Indiana Jones. The last time Jones appeared on television was in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which aired on ABC for two seasons from 1992-1993, and a remake or new version of this idea could be just the way for Disney to continue the stories of Indiana Jones, without relying on the 78-year-old Harrison Ford to perform major action stunts for months on end. In many of these episodes though, an older version of Indiana Jones would remember his past adventures, so it is possible Ford could be setting up the episodes for a younger character.

It only seems natural that if Disney were to end the Indiana Jones franchise that they’d want to continue the series in some capacity. It also makes sense that Disney would want Harrison Ford to appear, considering he’s the face of the franchise. But with Ford wrapping up his most famous characters in recent years, it does seem like the actor is hoping for Indiana Jones 5 to be his big send-off for his character, as opposed to a TV series that hasn’t even been announced by Disney yet.