Nic Cage Has Definite Feelings About Hayden Christensen’s Star Wars Peformance

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Hayden ChristensenNo matter what, for good or ill, Hayden Christensen will likely never be able to escape the shadow of his time spent in the Star Wars universe. To be fair, the same can be said of others, especially Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher—whatever else they’ve done in their careers, whatever their successes or failures, we’ll always think of them as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. (Harrison Ford, for his part, managed to move beyond his Han Solo character.) For all of the things people criticize about the prequels (even if you’re a fan, you have to admit, they’re widely panned films), one of the elements most often pointed out and derided is Christensen’s performance as Anakin Skywalker, who, of course, becomes Darth Vader (sorry if I spoiled that for anyone). Still, he’s not without his supporters, including one very famous champion, a little dude we like to call Nicolas Cage.

The two actors worked together on the upcoming fantasy adventure Outcast, and while doing press for that film, Cage took a few moments to praise his costar to IGN, specifically his turn in both Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. He says, “I watched George’s movies, and the work Hayden did with George, and I was very impressed with Hayden’s sort of edgy, dangerous, dark and still soulful performance. I thought it was superb. And so I really connected with him.” He also calls Christensen a “lovely man,” and hopes they can continue to be friends.


Could Hayden Chirstensen Be JLA’s Superman? Nope.

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superman-095jit4.jpgHold on, don’t freak out out over that story title. We’re not sure if it’s true. But that’s the rumor from our sister-wives over at Cinema Blend. They’ve got a scooper who claims to have plied Justice League movie cast member Adam Brody with beer in a Vancouver bar, and gotten him to spill the beans on what’s up with the movie.

Among the things he told her:

– Hayden Christensen is playing Superman
– The title of the film is Justice League is Mortal
– Adam Brody is The Flash
– Armie Hammer is Batman
– They’re shooting in British Columbia

For the full story, click over to our boys at CB.

UPDATE! Looks like this one has already been debunked. Hayden’s people told our people that he won’t be in JLA. What a relief. Full story also at CB.