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Disney has some of the biggest and most popular titles out there with massive television shows and franchises.

Disney News For Each Series

The Star Wars franchise is on Disney+ with all kinds of news about shows past, present, and future.

Don’t forget the Marvel franchise which is also bringing all of its series on Disney as well. This universe has expanded greatly through these different offerings.

Other series have come to the Disney platform as well.

Percy Jackson Series Cast News
Star Wars: Ahsoka Cast News
Star Wars: The Mandalorian Cast News
Star Wars: Andor Cast News
Loki Cast News

Disney+ has so many great movies and movie franchises. Just take a look at some of the massive names on this platform.

Latest Disney News

johnny depp

Nearly 1 Million Fans Have United To Get Johnny Depp His Pirate Career Back

Some people want Johnny Depp back on the high seas, and by some, we mean nearly a million people united together.

2 years ago

marvel secret wars kevin feige marvel

Exclusive: Kevin Feige Considering Leaving Marvel After Secret Wars

According to our trusted and proven sources, Kevin Feige looks to be leaving Marvel Studios after the upcoming Secret Wars.

2 years ago

james cameron
Disneyland magic happens

Yet Another Disney Theme Park Ride Is Becoming A Movie

Disney has jumped into the world of live-action reboots, and the company has also turned fan-favorite rides into full-fledged movies, which they are back to doing that again.

2 years ago

kate beckinsale

See Kate Beckinsale Recreate A Famous Disney Scene With Her Dog

Beckinsale is definitely a Disney fan.

2 years ago

star wars bad batch

The Best Star Wars Film Is Being Re-Released

In preparation for the next wave of Star Wars Disney+ shows, the best movie of the franchise is being re-released.

2 years ago

Vincent D'Onofrio

See The First Look At Vincent D’Onofrio’s Return As Kingpin

Take a look at the first images of Vincent D’Onofrio as the actual Kingpin coming here for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2 years ago

taika waititi star wars

Exclusive: Taika Waititi Star Wars Movie Is In Serious Trouble

According to our trusted and proven sources, Taika Waititi’s Star Wars project may have run into some pretty tough obstacles.

2 years ago

jared leto

Jared Leto Cast In A Movie About Disney’s Best Attraction

Jared Leto has been cast in a movie based on one of Disney’s oldest and most famed attractions, so we will see how this goes.

2 years ago

disney+ marvel

A Disney Legend Has Died

Sadly, the world has lost yet another Disney Legend and person of incomparable talents for acting, singing, dancing, and deals.

2 years ago

she-hulk for marvel

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law: Everything We Know About the Series

Let’s take a look at what we know about Her Greenness and the upcoming show She-Hulk.

star wars andor season 2

See Diego Luna In Action-Packed First Look At Star Wars: Andor

It’s the beginning of the rebellion!

2 years ago

Elon Musk

Elon Musk Is Buying Disney?

People have been speculating that Elon Musk could be wanting to go bigger than Twitter, as he is being linked to possibly buying Disney.

2 years ago

ewan mcgregor obi-wan

Disney Makes Obi-Wan Kenobi Bisexual In Star Wars Canon?

That’ll make for an interesting season 2.

2 years ago

disney+ marvel

Disney Under Fire For Endangering Kids With Disney+

It was only a matter of time until Disney agreed to put more adult content on its streaming platform, but now parents are saying that move is endangering their children.

2 years ago

disney 1001 nights

Disney’s Best Hawaiian Adventure Coming To Live-Action

One of the best Hawaiian adventure films that Disney has ever made is going to get the live-action treatment, and a director has been found.

2 years ago

marvel zombies canceled

Marvel Studios Workers Boycott After Revealing Allegedly Awful Working Conditions

Disney is in trouble again, as there are a ton of workers that are talking about a Marvel boycott, as they have shared plenty of stories of poor working conditions.

2 years ago

x-men days of future past

Marvel X-Men Reboot Takes Huge Step Forward

Marvel is bringing back the X-Men and we’re finally about to get some long-awaited big news about the project. But …

2 years ago


Disneyland’s Social Media Hacked With Horrendous Messages Posted

Disneyland’s social media was recently hacked to display incredibly awful messages, with a very bizarre motivation.

2 years ago

star wars obi-wan kenobi season 1 review

A Star Wars Fan Just Fixed Obi-Wan Kenobi

Did it need to be “fixed?”

2 years ago

beauty and the beast

A New Live-Action Beauty And The Beast Is Being Worked On

A new live-action version of Beauty and the Beast is in the works now and this one could look a lot different than the movie we just saw

2 years ago

Vincent D'Onofrio

Vincent D’Onofrio Returning As Kingpin In Controversial Storyline?

The MCU is always chock full of rumors, and one such rumor is that we have not seen the last of Vincent D’Onofrio, with one suggesting he will reappear in the Echo series.

2 years ago

owen wilson

See Owen Wilson’s Return In Loki Season 2

He’s back! Can you say, “Wow”?

2 years ago

seth macfarlane

Seth MacFarlane Changed The Name Of His Best Series Because Of Disney

Seth MacFarlane got word from Disney to change a name, and when the Mouse speaks, pretty much everyone listens.

2 years ago

tom hanks

Tom Hanks Responds To Tim Allen Being Replaced As Buzz Lightyear

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen held some of the most iconic roles in Disney films, and now Hanks has responded to Allen not being asked to voice Buzz Lightyear again.

2 years ago

johnny depp

Johnny Depp Returns To Disney

Johnny Depp and Disney might be on better terms, as he has officially returned to the giant company, which could mean he is going to return to his best role.

2 years ago

Star Wars cocktail

Disney Charging $5,000 For Star Wars Cocktail

Disney is expanding the Star Wars fan experience by charging $5000 for a very special cocktail aboard a new cruise ship.

2 years ago

Brie Larson Captain Marvel

Brie Larson Just Unexpectedly Returned As Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel flies again!

2 years ago

obi-wan kenobi edited

Star Wars Originally Had Much Bigger Plans For Obi-Wan Kenobi

What would that have been like?

2 years ago

avatar 2 kate winslet

Avatar 2 Trailer Was Just Edited By Disney

Disney has seen fit to edit the trailer for Avatar 2, after a certain moment might seem a bit too much for the younger audiences. This new trailer will be shown before PG films.

2 years ago