Exclusive: Brie Larson Starring In The Treasure Hunters For Disney, A Spin On Indiana Jones

Our sources tell us The Marvels star Brie Larson will soon play a much more earthbound hero for Disney in The Treasure Hunters.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

brie larson kong skull island

We have yet to get a trailer for November’s The Marvels, but that doesn’t mean its lead hasn’t offered us any news. Our trusted and proven sources tell us Brie Larson is starring in and producing the upcoming feature The Treasure Hunters for Disney. We don’t know the name of Larson’s character, but she’s described as a “modern-day Indiana Jones.

We’re told that like the pulp-inspired hero that Harrison Ford originated in 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, in The Treasure Hunters, Brie Larson’s hero will hunt “ancient artifacts and hidden treasures.” While Indiana Jones has provided much of the inspiration for the role, we don’t know how similar Larson’s hero’s motivations will be to those of the famous Nazi-puncher. Will she be in it for the “fortune and glory” or will she simply be adamant that every relic she finds “belongs in a museum?”

Regardless, we know Brie Larson has proven she has the chops to lead an action adventure film like The Treasure Hunters. Her role as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel has proven to be one of Marvel’s most bankable superheroes. In a little over a month, she’ll make her Fast & Furious debut in Fast X, and of course, she played the female lead in 2017’s MonsterVerse entry Kong: Skull Island.

brie larson kong skull island
Brie Larson in Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Since Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny will mark the end of Harrison Ford’s time in the titular role, it makes sense that Disney would want to fill in the gap with a new property before another studio does it for them. Though this announcement of Brie Larson in The Treasure Hunters does have us wondering about Disney’s other big franchise that involves following clues and puzzles to valuable artifacts: National Treasure. Disney+‘s National Treasure: Edge of History concluded its inaugural season in February, with no official word yet on a green light for Season 2.

Could this announcement about Brie Larson and The Treasure Hunters be a sign that Edge of History is, itself, history? There’s no law that says Disney can’t actively produce more than one franchise about treasure hunting — they certainly have enough superhero movies, after all — but having both The Treasure Hunters and National Treasure projects in production could be seen as the studio competing with itself. After all, while Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out the year following National Treasure: Book of Secrets, that was four years before Disney acquired Lucasfilm and added Indy into its library of properties.

If this does mean the end of Edge of History, it could likewise mean that Jerry Bruckheimer’s teases about Nicolas Cage returning for National Treasure 3 will amount to nothing. That’s nothing but pure speculation, of course, and when we know more, we’ll make sure you know.