See The Terrifying Video Of Artificial Intelligence Generating Infinite Killer Clowns

By Nathan Kamal | 2 months ago

killer clowns

In the previous century, also known as the 20th, there once was a prevailing thought that technology would be used to bring the world to a utopian state. The entire premise of The Jetsons was based on this. It was also thought that the advent of artificial intelligence could bring about either a benevolently super-efficient world system or doom us all to the thrall of machine overlords. But it probably never would have occurred to the futurists of the 20th century, not even in their wildest dream, that once artificial intelligence was developed, it would almost immediately be put to use to create nightmare landscapes of killer clowns. Behold:

Once you have stopped shivering and maybe sit down and thought some calming thoughts, let us go through the video above. That relentlessly psychologically damaging one-minute video is the work of artificial intelligence, namely an upscale-interpolation machine learning neural network models. That essentially means a machine that can resize and re-pixelate images and create new ones that it learns along the way, developing a kind of infinite loop of unique images based on the same initial building blocks. Based on the horrific, bizarrely toothy killer clowns populating that trip of a video, someone fed this AI a copy of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and a book about three-ring circuses, and then walked away. 

But all terrifying looping journeys through an endless chasm of auto-generating killer clowns aside, the concept of artificial intelligence-generated art is causing all sorts of issues to spring up. Just recently, the U.S. Copyright Office determined that AI-generated art cannot be copyrighted, ruling that “human authorship is a prerequisite to copyright protection.” While that decision is being appealed and brought to federal court (and it would be surprising if that or some similar case were not eventually before the Supreme Court), it shows the unexpected legal questions generated like so many killer clowns in your dreams. 

As one might be expected, even without the benefit of creating your very own unique killer clown, the idea of artificial intelligence-generated art is taking off as a form of commerce. Non-fungible tokens of killer clowns are available to be generated by the AI as seen in the video above, and apps are available to auto-create the kind of artwork of your choice. What ultimate effect this has on the massive killer clown art market of the world is yet to be seen, but it is sure to be strange. On the other hand, there are people in the world that are still pursuing more traditional avenues of technological development, like the development of standard-issue killer robots. Or if that is not good enough for you, there are also killer robot cheetahs. And if still not good enough, as a species, we have also come up with the sterling idea of killer robot dogs who also are guns. But really, why do we need an artificial intelligence to create killer clowns, when we already have their perfected form?