Snoop Dogg Has The Right Idea On AI Taking Jobs

Cultural icon Snoop Dogg says AI makes him feel "lost."

By Britta DeVore | Published

snoop dogg ai

Artificial intelligence seems to be a daily news headline for the grandiose steps that science and technology have been taking. Due to examples of these sentient beings not only passing law exams but even serving as attorneys on cases, the bounds of what we think we know are being tested daily. With many people adding their feedback to the discussion, legendary rapper and icon Snoop Dogg has tossed his AI fears into the ring, sharing that while it was cool, he didn’t know what to expect from the technology’s future.

Snoop Dog made his AI-based opinions known during a conversation with Variety (via The Byte) during the highly-publicized writers’ strike. Like many of us, the musician said that the speedy changes were “blowing my mind” because he remembers growing up on the sci-fi films of yesteryear. “What is going on?” he added, throwing in that when it came to the quickly-growing technology he was completely “lost.”

On top of current events even when it doesn’t come to the entertainment industry, Snoop Dogg shared his concerns on Geoffrey Hinton’s departure from Google in which he warned society about the possible dangers of AI. Referring to Hinton as “the old dude,” the rapper said that even he was afraid of the ramifications of artificial intelligence research, and quoted the ex-Google employee as saying that the machines “got their own minds.”

Again likening the current situation to sci-fi films, Snoop Dogg pondered if we were living in a movie where AI was on the rise and would eventually destroy us all. Wanting to ensure his protection should the robots become our overlords, he toyed with the idea of getting some AI of his own to protect him.

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As hotly debated as TikTok, Snoop Dogg isn’t the only one to jump in on the AI conversation and share concerned feelings on what it could mean for the upcoming years. Already banned in schools, programs that harness the power of artificial intelligence are making waves around the globe with researchers and citizens alike wondering how much is too much. While features like ChatGPT can be helpful when it comes to educational purposes, there is also a much more sinister side that could play on human’s darkest emotions.

On the economic front, artificial intelligence certainly poses a risk to those employed in the workforce from laborers to accountants, to even – writers (gulp). Almost any job can be programmed into a robot’s system so even Snoop Dogg should watch his back as AI could be the next wave of music creation and performance. On top of this fear, deepfake songs have been causing a ruckus with performers forced to take legal action against those trying to replicate their music.

While there are plenty of positive things to come from the research and creation of bots, we stand by Snoop Dogg with our uncertainty about how things with AI will shake out in the approaching months and years. With technology moving at such a rapid pace, we’ll certainly know – for better or for worse – where we stand with our possible robot overlords.