Zoe Saldana Explains The Long Wait For Avatar Sequels

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

NeytiriZoe Saldana is at the center of the biggest Hollywood franchises at the moment. The upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness will be Saldana’s second spin on the U.S.S. Enterprise as chief communications officer Nyota Uhura. She hopes to start a new blockbuster as Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy for director James Gunn and Marvel Studios. She’s in a rare position because she’s also at the center of the highest grossing movie of all-time as the Na’vi warrior princess Neytiri in James Cameron’s Avatar.

In an interview with MTV, Zoe Saldana shed some light on how far along James Cameron is in writing the Avatar sequels. She also explained why it has taken so long between films. Saldana revealed:

“I know that he’s sort of been removing himself from things that might distract him so that he can focus on doing the final tweaks on the scripts. He did share that he’s in a very interesting and fragile place, because the story is dictating itself.”

“You walk a fine line when you’re the creator of the story you’re going to tell, of the manipulation that you may have unconsciously of the story and the characters versus allowing the story to unfold it, because you did create such a monumental and solid platform that they’re just living and breathing organisms and they’re the ones that need to make their own decisions.”

The groundbreaking film Avatar was released in 2009 and we’re still waiting for a sequel film that currently doesn’t have a release date. We know Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 will be made at the same time, so it’s only a matter of time before we get to watch the two films. The only question is “when?”

Last week, Zoe Saldana confirmed that production would begin on both Avatar films at the beginning of 2014 at Peter Jackson’s WETA Studios in New Zealand. Hopefully we’ll see Avatar 2 in theaters by Christmas 2015 and Avatar 3 the following year in 2016, but that all depends on how long it will take James Cameron to complete them.

Watch the MTV video interview with Zoe Saldana below:

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