Walter’s In Bad Shape In The New Fringe Season 5 Promo

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Fox has sent out another promo video for Fringe‘s upcoming fifth and final season…and poor Walter doesn’t look so good. It provides further glimpses of the dystopian future the Observers have created, a mega-happy scene of Peter and Olivia relaxing in a beautiful field (maybe a hallucination?), and then…poor Walter.

Warning: Minor spoilers, but they probably won’t spoil much since they’re presented without context.

The question is, why are the Observers beating the ever-loving snot out of Walter? Does he know something they want him to confess? Have they caught him trying to interfere with their sneaky, world-conquering agenda? Do they just not like the fact that he has hair? And perhaps even more importantly, what sort of asshole tortures Walter? That’s like torturing the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Everybody loves Walter!

Sadly, we’ll have to wait for answers until Fringe returns to Fox on Friday, September 28th.

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