Supergirl’s Most Daring Costumes

By Sofia Yang | 1 year ago

Supergirl has gone through nearly 30 costume changes since her first appearance in Action Comics #252 back in the late-fifties. Mostly she’s stuck with the trademark blue and red, but every now and then she changes up her color palatte, as done recently when she went all red to become the new Red Lantern

Sometimes daring, sometimes risky, sometimes boring, sometimes oh so 80s, Supergirl never disappoints.

Here’s a look back at some of her sexiest, craziest, most interesting superhero fashion choices.


supergirl costume history-adventures comics 409

#1: Adventure Comics #409

This 1971 Supergirl costume featured a bold and for the time, even shocking, design that leaves both sides of her body completely bare of fabric. This costume design was part of a series where fans submitted their own designs to DC Comics. It’s not exactly battle ready, it’s hard to imagine her going toe to toe with Satan Girl and keeping everything PG in his outfit. This kind of blatant sexuality is out of character for Kara Zor-El and belongs more on someone like Poison Ivy, but it’s definitely her most daring fashion choice.


supergirl costume history-adventure comics 410

#2: Adventure Comics #410

This Supergirl costume had three different variations but for simplicity’s sake we’re grouping them as one look here.  It features a pretty deep v-neck and it’s the only time Supergirl ever even comes close to displaying cleavage.After this design, all future Supergirl costumes kept her chest fully covered up.

supergirl costume history-superman animated series

#3: Superman: The Animated Series

The first time Kara bared her midriff was for the Superman: The Animated Series in 1996. Since then, it has proven a popular design choice for comic book writers, as numerous future costumes have used variations on this bare midriff design.

supergirl costume history-super batman 13

#4: Superman/Batman #13

One of the sexiest versions of Supergirl was drawn by the now deceased artist Michael Turner. His design features the bare midriff first debuted on Superman: The Animated series but drawn sexier and even skimpier, in a manner consistent with all Turner’s female character sketches. This particular issue was also noteworthy for retelling Supergirl’s origin in the DC comic universe.

supergirl costume history-super batman 8 german

#5: Superman/Batman 8, German Edition

Not really a costume per say but this is Supergirl’s most revealing cover design. Like #4 this too was drawn by the late Michael Turner. The book itself is a rare find, having only been published in German as a cover variant to the German edition of Superman/Batman #8. Prices for this book are over $300 and you won’t often find a copy available on Ebay.

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