Star Wars Vs Harry Potter: An Explosive Battle For Nerd Supremacy

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

When it comes to Star Wars news on GFR today, forget all that Episode VII casting stuff, because nobody gives a wampa’s duodenum about any of that, am I right? Well, even if I’m not, there’s one perfect way to celebrate speculation about Max Von Sydow as a potential Sith lord, and it’s watching the above video “Star Wars vs Harry Potter,” from YouTube filmmaker community (or whatever) RackaRacka. They’re best known for their other videos in which Ronald McDonald goes to some very dark places, but the clowns have been left behind, and replaced with three minutes of pure geek ambrosia instead.

One of the unforeseen downsides of working for a science fiction website is sitting through fanmade videos from people whose time would definitely be better spent doing other things. Not the case with directors Danny and Michael Philippou, who turned an ordinary day of video games and bro time into a (quidditch) balls to the wall brawl between a Jedi Knight and a Harry Potter-ish wizard. It’s not entirely clear what’s going on until the magic wand and lightsaber come out and the two friends excellently start vocalizing with the music. But then: mayhem. If this were a daily exhibit at some kind of a fanboy amusement park, it would pack the seats for every show.

A living room is completely torn apart, with DVD shelves and drain boards flying around all the fireballs, and then the action drifts into the streets. That’s when things get bloody, and shit gets real. What is mortality when you’re working with magic and the Force, anyway? I hate to spoil it for anyone who didn’t watch the video yet, but sci-fi trumps fantasy here. The day a magician defeats a Jedi is the day I write David Blaine in for president.

As if the concept wasn’t great enough, the directors’ uncanny editing frugality makes the video look several times more expensive than it actually is. It’s never obvious that most of the stunts are just things falling down or flying upward within the frame, because it’s cut together extremely well. And if seeing people get electrocuted isn’t your thing, there are quite a few laugh out loud bits, such as Faux Potter pulling a sword out of a hat or flying a broom into a closed glass door. Classic.

Somebody needs to give these guys a Hollywood budget and let them create their own universe. I’d do it, but I left my millions of dollars in my other pants. Until that happens, though, I’m perfectly happy to keep watching Ronald McDonald kill people, which you can check out in the very NSFW video below. Wait, does this mean we’ll get to see a McDonald’s Vs Star Wars battle next? Hamburglar FTW.

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