Star Trek MMO Will Pit The Federation And Klingons Against Species 8472

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

FluidicAside from judgments about the actual quality of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek films, many fans were upset at the choice to start over, to step away from the larger Trek mythology that had been built up over many decades and spin-offs. Thankfully, that original timeline hasn’t just vanished, but has continued to be explored through all manner of secondary materials like books and comics. And for Trek fans who are also gamers, they’ve had Star Trek Online as a personal playground in which to live out their Trek fantasies, set in the original Trek timeline, in the years after Star Trek: Nemesis. Now another new Trek game is set to give players another way to delve deeper into the original Star Trek universe, while also exploring a corner of the galaxy we haven’t seen much.

NGames announced earlier this month that they were developing a new free-to-play MMO (massively multiplayer online game) that would cast players as Federation and Klingon commanders delving into “Fluidic Space,” an extradimensional realm first introduced in Star Trek: Voyager. Fluidic Space was home to Species 8472, an alien race deadly enough to threaten even the Borg. The new game will have players declare their allegiance to the Klingons or Federation and then “expand their influence through base building, exploration, technology and strategic fleet-based combat.”

It sounds like ship-to-ship combat will form a major part of the gameplay, with players able to build fleets composed of various familiar Trek ship designs such as Constitution-class starships, Defiant-class warships, Klingon Birds of Prey, and other vessels based on advanced tech found within Fluidic Space. I’m guessing players of opposite factions will have to choose when it’s tactically wise to either fight each other or cooperate against the larger threat of Species 8472.

Here’s more from the NGames press release:

Ever since the USS Voyager returned and told tales of Fluidic Space, the Federation has tried and failed to return. All efforts were in vain, until an unexpected turn of events — a Galaxy-class explorer ship suddenly received a short message, informing them they were originally drew into Fluidic Space by an unstable wormhole. Better yet, the ship sending the message has built an outpost and stumbled upon a crystal of unlimited potential power.

Armed with the knowledge of how to enter Fluidic Space, the Federation immediately sent a reinforcement fleet filled with supplies, top researchers and trained combat forces to retrieve the ship. However the Klingons intercepted the Federation’s information and sent ships of their own, sneaking into the wormhole entrance as it opened. The Federation and Klingons soon came face-to-face in Fluidic Space, sparking constant conflicts throughout exploration. As a result, war is on the verge of breaking out.

Even worse, a terrifying enemy is quietly lurking deep in Fluidic Space, watching the Federation and Klingons — Species 8472, waiting for the perfect time to pounce on their new enemies with deadly force…

Since releasing in 2010, Star Trek Online has gone free-to-play, evolved its gameplay, and released a ton of expansion content, so if you’re craving a Trek-game time-suck, STO is ready and waiting for you to beam aboard. It sounds like this new game could provide a nice alternative for gamers looking for something a little different, but it’s definitely early days at this point. The unnamed Trek game will be premiering on the portal. We’ll provide more details when we know them.